Sunday, January 8, 2017


Nowadays, there are so many featured posts about IU's personality and whatnot so I decided to make one too.
She debuted as a solo singer at a young age and received a lot of backlash ever since she was 16 y.o. She already wanted to become a singer even before that so she went to leave with her relatives. People were bashing her saying how she's living off them, she once moved into a house infested with cockroaches. There were already people at that time saying how her personality was crooked and she already received a lot of hurt. She said herself that she went through depression too.

When everything around her was crumbling down, people were still cursing at her when she debuted saying how she would never hit big.

Her personality is a bit defensive so people don't understand her intentions. She's also more mature than people of her age since by 23 y.o, she went through issues and hardships that people go through when they are either 24 or 25.

I don't understand people who call her a fox. People were cursing at her ever since she was young and she's living in the entertainment industry that's already so dirty. IU is the one who's in the best position to know how to survive there