Tuesday, January 26, 2021


I'm not talking about concerts, fansigns, broadcast station, TV or places like that. I'm talking about the celebrities you've seen randomly when you were just hanging out!! For me, it was Apink's Namjooㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I was lining up at the Lotte World and people around me said that Namjoo was here. I seriously waited for 1 hour and was about the give up and just saw her passing by quickly. It was my first time seeing a celebrity since I was born so it was seriously surprisingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ what about you guys??

[enter-talk] WOW ROSE IS INSANE

 She's the first K-pop female singer to have 1M likes in the shortest amount of time. Right now, she has 2.2M likes on her teaser. Just in one day, her video surpassed 10M views.
I thought that it was her MVㅋㅋ

I was trying to sing her part in her teaser and the pitch is freaking highㄷㄷ
It's hard to sing along
She'll hit daebak once the full song comes out


Based on Dear M's staff, the drama will appear every Sunday from January 24th
This is Jung Jaehyun's daily schedule 

4AM: preparations to shoot the drama
6AM - 2PM: shooting drama
Moving to SBS
3:50PM: Inkigayo MC 
5PM: leaves SBS, heading back to shoot drama 
Next day, shooting again and he's also shooting for NCT 127 today 

This was his schedule in one day 

For a 12 episodes drama, he took 4 months shooting it and apparently he had to do this "everyday" 
To be honest, he even had to follow the group's 2020 comeback schedules, end-year award shows, Japanese album, etc. 

Jaehyun's wish: Just for 1 day be able to sleep soundly 

I heard that this director usually takes a long time shooting... But it must be even harder with all his group schedules overlapping filming 

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1. [+161, -4]
But a fan asked Jaehyun whether he was having a hard time on a video call, and he said that he considers himself lucky to be able to debut and have this opportunity and that he was rather thankful to be able to work as an idol. He can't fall asleep because he always drinks coffee and has heart burns from it, all he can do is rest a bit in the cars, so I always feel like vomiting when I see b*tches swearing a him on galleries everyday 

2. [+131, -3]
What I find funny is that no matter how hard his schedule gets, he never failed to attend his group schedules. He was able to attend all of them and he never looked insincere when attending his events, but people still made eggs account of fabricated stories about his video chats (t/n: there was a girl called Kang Yumi who supposedly exposed his "bad attitude" during a video call, we don't know much about the situation), mock him all day long on other websites, calling other people's "fandom entry" anecdotes fake, etc. NCT's fandom is seriously a miracle at this point.. He even performed the choreography (?) during Golden Disc this time, he really worked his body to death for this choreography and he didn't even get it wrong once ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+110,- 3]
He's not the type of person to whine about having a hard time, meanwhile people are making things up about this personality on other galleries and rather than act weak from being attacked, he's still just doing fine 

4. [+30, -0]
Jung Jaehyun has good stamina and he's attending all his schedules sincerely, but it's not true that he was able to bare with this schedule for months. I heard that he collapsed because of overwork and had to go to the ER. Still, he never made it obvious and he's always hard working, so I don't understand why people are always leaving hate comments about him, making things up about his video calls when he's pouring his sincerity in them, etc. did those f*ckers decide to give up on their humanity? Jung Jaehyun isn't making it obvious that he's having a hard time and his fans are also trying to be like him and not make a fuss, the company is also not suing anybody, so those haters really think that nothing can scare them in this world? I just wish you guys to live more decently from now on 

5. [+29, -0]
This is something that Jung Jaehyun said himself. People were hating on him for not being able to come on Bubble on the 17th because of his schedule and for not showing up for a week, the people swearing at him multiplied every time I visited fan-talk
"He's preparing the group's comeback and shooting the drama at the same time. 
He's also preparing the group's new album, with the year-end schedules, and shooting the drama at the same time too. 
He's still shooting the drama right now and is going everywhere in Korea
He has a fixed schedule every week for entertainment shows
He can't sleep because he drinks coffee everyday, his wish is to be able to sleep. 
That's why he wasn't able to go on Bubble, but he still gets sworn at everyday. After seeing all thos hate hates am I the only one who's weird here? I can't jugde... "