Saturday, August 20, 2016


Hello Pannchoa-tizens!
It's been a while that we haven't wrote a post to talk with you guys, but there are some stuffs we wanted to address for some time...

We have seen more and more "haters" gathering up in our blog recently (either hate our blog/ hate a particular idol/ leaves unnecessary and random hate comments) so we would just like to clarify the stuffs that we have came across our blog/twitter/fb.

1. Positive articles/ we think that we are "better than other blogs"
If you were there since the beginning of PC, you would know that the purpose of this blog was just to translate articles from PANN (a bit of Instiz too). Our original intention was never to be a "positive blog". But we've seen a lot of hate going around the Kpop community (? sorry for the cringey word, can't find a better term..) so we preferred to translate lighter/nice articles.  Hence, it is POSSIBLE that you see some "negative" articles from time to time (for example, if there's no other article to translate).

With our 2 years of blogging for PC, more and more PC-tizens were expecting us to translate positive articles and came to our blog for the positive vibe. We understand that staying a positive blog somewhat became our responsibility so that's why we want to keep the general atmosphere nice since you guys treasured the atmosphere of this blog. ^^ However, some people on Twitter have been saying stuffs like "they think that they are so much better than other blogs/ they think that they are above all the drama"... Not even sure how to reply to this one, but that thought never came to our minds... =_=;; We have actually written to the other blog owners and they are all nice people. We know how time consuming it is to translate articles so we don't think of other blogs like that...

2. Dance covers plug-ins
(Sorry for naming you but) For example this guy/girl:
What do we even plug? Our dance covers? 
The covers plug-in issue is another one we want to address. As you know, we do k-pop covers from time to time. But according to a girl on Twitter and this Disqus user, we only use PC to promote our cover group. That was never our intention :S If we wanted to promote our covers, we would have just made a blog for our cover group... Why would we even bother translate articles...

Again, if you were there since the beginning of PC, we have always promoted our dance crew ever since it started and people were supportive. If you have worked hard at something you like, of course you would want it to do well and show it off right? We're not even doing that for money since dance covers cannot be monetized. We were only promoting our crew to help them out. It's not like we're attaching you to a chair and forcing you to watch us...

That's also why we don't really post about our covers anymore (although a lot of them were uploaded), and we just tweet about them from time to time. It's just kinda sad that people would even bash our efforts... :S But yeah that one kinda got to us since all our crew worked really hard for those covers... For those who don't mind the shameless plugs, our cover group YT is here  hueheuehue

3. Hate comments
We understand that with more popularity comes with more haters but it's slowly getting a bit uncontrollable.

We usually translate articles so that we can read PC-tizens' reactions and stories but now from time to time, it's just filled with people fighting and arguing over the most irrelevant things. We understand that everyone can have their opinion but we also all have brains. If you choose to write something, you deliberately do it so that others can read it right? It's pretty obvious when a comment is made purposely to start fanwars or arguments rather than being an opinion.

So we would like to ask you guys to please think twice before writing something. We know that we have repeated this a few times but even 1 comment can destroy or make someone's day so please be mindful. To be honest, we have always liked blogging, reading and replying your comments, but now, the thing that we liked so much have become something that makes us anxious and mad...  Sometimes, to see so many hate comments also get to us (even though we don't really follow kpop idols)... So some days, we don't even feel like blogging :(

So please be kind and considerate! :)

4. FB requests
That's not really a hate issue but we've been super busy this past month and probably will continue to be busy until the end of September so if we don't reply your messages/requests, please don't take it personal!! (We do this to everyone, even our FB friends) We will eventually get back to them once we are less loaded ><


Thank you for making it to the end of this lengthy post!! ^^  And we hope that we were able to clear some misunderstandings!

Also these issues were just some small things we came upon here and there and they were building up inside of us so that's why we decided to make this post. We know that the majority of you guys love this blog ^^

Sorry for not keeping up with the drawing UwU;; (we completely forgot to upload them for the festivities this year... which is our fault though)

Thank you for reading this even though it was supposed to be a "little" rant. We hope that you guys have a wonderful day or night and stay safe wherever you are!! :D Also good luck to all you youngsters who will go back to school!^^