Friday, September 6, 2019


T/N: delusional gif = gif with delusional situation

Let's try this out

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1. [+280, -7]
ㅋㅋ reminds me of this "you're in a a secret relationship and you went away with another guy and your boyfriend glares you off"

2. [+230, -14]
Having a video call with your aunt after a long while

3. [+227, -4]
You keep asking him if he was jealous and he finally gives in saying "I was, I was"

4. [+154, -15]
Your little brother getting congratulated for winning a water rocket contest at school

5. [+158, -4]
You boyfriend talking to you and suddenly got shy after meeting eyes with you

6. [+142, -3]
What are the possibility of me dating any of them?

7. [+141, -5]
You're in a secret relationship with the school's pres and you meet eyes with him in the hallways

8. [+121, -1]
You were zoning out in class and the teacher calls you out

9. [+120, -11]
He goes to sit and rest during PE class and looks at her crush walking towards him and goes "yah, she's coming, she's coming"

10. [+109, -2]
Your unnie changing her profile pic on Katalk and you realizing that she took your shirt