Tuesday, September 17, 2019


She was doing an IG live and was starring somewhere with an uncomfortable expression

A while later, she was seen doing the "refusing" gesture, there were comments in the chats from fans who were asking who it was

Sulli became suddenly alert in the video and you could hear a man's voice
He was mumbling stuff like "I'm a fan of Sulli ssi, but I'm drunk" and Sulli didn't give an answer
and suddenly he said "Don't misunderstand me, I respect Sulli ssi" and Sulli just nodded without saying anything and the guy disappear

Suddenly the guy said "Sulli nim, you can't even say something to me?" and Sulli quickly hid her head
He was probably going to film her with his phone

Sulli was hiding in her friend's chest and the friend said "No, she already refused a lot of times earlier" and the man said "Ok" and left

After the guy disappeared, the friend told Sulli "Should we stop (filming)?"
And Sulli nodded so they stopped the live

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1. Sulli must've been so scared

2. So disgusting... He probably thought he was a friend of a celebrity

3. Ugh.. Good thing she was filming an IG live... It's a relief nothing happenedㅜㅜ

4. You should just stay still and go home if you get drunk after drinking... If you start throwing nonsense, people will just get scared 

5. Ah f*ck... I hate this 

6. I hate it when people bring out their cameras whenever they see celebrities... He's a f*cker

7. Why is he like that seriously, if you're drunk, just go home

8. I watched this live, that f*cker already took a picture of her once and kept insisting

9. She must've hated it, she looks so scared;; 

10. By the way she looks f*cking pretty in those screencaps


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