Friday, September 25, 2015


 NAME EXPLANATION - let's see how much you know?
 Loco (Gwon Hyukwoo)
-if he drinks a lot of alcohol, he begins to bark and people would call him "crazy" which is the meaning of Loco!

Giriboy (Hong Shiyoung)
-it's from the saying "see(bo-i) the way(gil-i)". he romanized it so it became Giriboy. the way in front of him is quite promising nowadays!

 Choiza (Choi Jaeho)
-uhm yeah "that" part
 Beenzino (Im Sungbin)
-when he was young there was a singer that he liked named "Benzino". and he stuck the "bin" from his name "Sungbin" so it became Beenzino!

 Blacknut (Kim Daewoong)
-let's omit the explanation
ZionT (Kim Haesol)
-"Zion" was the place where David made the capital for Jerusalem. and the "T" was because it looks like a cross.. (ZionT is a church oppa)
E-sens (Kang Minho)
-it comes from "Essayistic sens" referring to his writing skills, anyways the winner is Kang Minho!
Hanhae (Jung Hanhae)
-his real name


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