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I'm seriously not even a fan of Bangtan, I'm actually not a fan of any group.
But when I saw Jungkook's car accident news, I saw that it wasn't due to drink and drive but only due to negligence, so it's possible that it happened
But it's true that Jungkook made a mistake. It's a relief that it wasn't a more serious accident but he needs to be careful so that it doesn't happen again
He already apologized to the victim and settled it with him/her so that should do. But seeing how 3rd parties are saying this and that and cursing at him is a bit wrong;;
I get that he has a bigger influence on the youth than your typical commoner but isn't cursing at him a bit too severe?..

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1. [+160, -30]
It was such a minor accident, and he acknowledged that he did something wrong and settled it with the victim so it seems like everything has came to an end. But instead, he's getting hated so much. It's a relief that nobody got hurt. When I saw the headlines at first, I thought that he cause some serious accident or something

2. [+91, -95]
The local shared this officially. It's true that Jungkook was in the wrong but it's not serious to the point where he deserves heavy criticism

"1) Jungkook was driving and saw cars that were parked illegally
2) He tried to avoid these cars and drove over the centerline
3) He made contact with a taxi
4) Neither the taxid river nor Jungkook had any serious injuries, it was just a small collision. I saw them settling everything and writing a statement
5) It happened last week
6) The trash journalists are trying to stir up the mess
7) People who don't know anything appeared and started to curse at him"

3. [+90, -21]
That's right. It's true that he needs to be careful since he can influence the youth. It's true that Jungkook was in the wrong but seeing kids calling him a criminal made me speechless. Nobody got seriously injured so it was a relief. Just like OP said, it's just something that he needs to be careful of in the future

4. [+34, -47]
When Jennie had her illegal parking scandal, people were bashing her like she committed the greatest sin while Jungkook violated the traffic signal and people are acting like it's not a big deal. This country is seriously insane. Insane about men

5. [+34, -17]
Seriously, muggles just thought "oh so that Jungkook kid got into an accident, oh the other party was a taxi driver, oh they made up", the end ㅋㅋ they don't even care that much about it

6. [+30, -8]
It's true that Jungkook made a mistake but it's also true that he's getting too much exaggerated hate. People on Instagram and Facebook are telling him to go to the army, and how Bangtan are slowly getting ruined. There were so many comments like these. They are not even criticizing his accident so these comments make me raise my eyebrow ㅋㅋ


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