Wednesday, May 12, 2021


In conclusion: it's not

Below are translations from the posts that Palestinian-American Gigi and Bella Hadid posted on their Instagram (T/n: the post is translating the pictures into Korean)

(T/N: most of the comments are saying "ㅅ" = saving this)

original post: here

1. Hul I had no idea, I've always thought that it was a fight about religion

2. No matter who is the bad guy or the victim, what the Israeli Palestinian situation shows is that Palestine is powerless. What's justice, who's right? It doesn't matter. They are powerless, they are being beaten by powerful people on all their sides, and no one is helping them. Even if there's someone who ends up helping them, they will only help if they get something in return. Even though modern times are kind to the weak, it's still the same as the past, and only Israel would remain.

3. Hul I didn't know at all...

4. Just seeing this small conversation, I can see that it's just a one-sided attack... there were even people giggling while filming the civilians getting attacked..

5. I don't know who Israel is but I saw on Instagram someone who was drinking and laughing at the Palestinians getting attacked and even if it's not my business, I got so mad.

6. Thank you OP

7. I thought that it was a religious conflict.. this is shocking

8. Just search 'Israel Evil' on Google. The chodings are writing curse words on the cannon bombs used to attack Palestine. Crowds of people are just sitting in their chairs watching Palestine getting attacked and enjoying it like they were watching some movies. It's not a joke

9. Israel are the thugs here

10. Who are these people from Israel? Which country started this? I'm so curious. Looks like I'll have to study more

11. Me too I thought it was a religious war.. ㅠㅠ

12. This is so extreme. How can it turn out like this? Please, spread this a lot. I hope that Palestine gets peace


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