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Sehun doesn't talk a lot during broadcast and often stays by himself, so his personalities looks kinda bad
he's also known to be the one who only gets fan for being handsome because he can't sing?
I'm talking about prejudices against him, but yesterday Suho got an exclusive broadcast on a portal site.
I was kinda stunned when I saw him, so I gave it a try and watched the video

t/n: Suho called Sehun during his Vapp broadcast and you can see that Sehun's name was written "our dongsaeng", he also named all the members with "our~XXX" Suho and Sehun have been roommates for some years now. 
Sehun: Hyung, you were funny today. you were really funny! I laughed at hyung when I saw you (on Vapp). When I looked at the comments, there were some weird people commenting... don't mind the (hater's comments)
Suho: there were those kind of comments? Why are you monitoring all the comments like that~~~
Sehun: don't mind them, I held myself back from replying to them

the broadcast lasted for 1:40, and he had the chance to call the members
since it was midnight, Kai was sleeping so Suho was wondering whether he slept or not, but he woke him up so Suho kept apologizing. So he just said good night I love you and hung up, I know he's the leader of EXO, but he also makes it obvious that he wanna take care of them
Chen and Chanyeol jokes around Suho but they also show a lot of love to them.
D.O, Baekhyun and Xiumin were busy so they didn't pick up. He was wondering whether to call Sehun. Once he picked up, he told Suho that he was watching his Vapp live broadcast since the beginning and he was complaining about how Suho didn't want to call him and called all the others first. I would never have thought that he would so so down to earth like that because of his image

there were harsh comments about Suho that kept flowing in in the one hour broadcast he was doing and Sehun was monitoring all of them because he was worried for Suho so he wanted to comfort him.  

because of yesterday, I started seeing him as someone who's down to earth.

Sehun: babies, good night, EXO-Ls are the best, no matter where you go, act confidently. Don't be discouraged and speak confidently "I'm an EXO-L, what are you? I'm an EXO-L" say this with confidence.

before Suho hung up, he asked Sehun to say something to the fans, and that's what he said.
He must've felt that because of EXO the fans were getting sworn at a lot so he told them not to be discouraged. It's the first time he's saying those kinds of words, so I felt like crying

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ㅇㅇ |2016.01.17 21:59 
He's not even trying to cover up the fact that he can't sing and dance, put yourself in his position, of course he would get hurt. The others always bash him, if not for his skills, they bash him for dancing carelessly and praise Jongin for dancing and being the center. The fans know that he can dance and nowadays, he really makes sure that the song parts given to him sounds perfect. He gets sworn at for random rumors, but he still walks along side with his hyungs silently, he's only 19 and I find Oh Sehun admirable, Sehun you too, don't be discouraged

ㅇㅇ |2016.01.17 22:11 
look at how he lowered hi head when he heard that Sehun found him funnyㅠㅠthat's a satisfied expression

ㅇㅇ |2016.01.17 22:33 
because of practices, he's trying to hide his callus *sobs sobs*


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