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We hope you're spending good times with your family and friends and receive lots of love and blessings ^o^)/
We've come to a full year with Pannchoa now! So we 're not a rookie blog anymore :P

we prepared a little gift for you :3

Here are the terms that knets generally use within the fandom communities (PANN/Instiz) ^^
some of them are just slangs and others are fandom-specific terms:)

of course there are a whole list of slangs you can find on other websites already 
so we chose to only go over the ones that appears the most in k-fans communities :3

there are probably a lot missing in the list so if you have other words that you want us to translate feel free to ask us ^^

fans terms:
씹덕(10덕)/씹덕상(10상) sshibdeok/sshibdeoksang =stan attractor/stan attractor feel
입덕 ibdeok =enter the fandom
탈덕 taldaeok =leave the fandom
여덕 yeodeok =female fans
남덕 namdeok =male fans
덕후/오덕 deokhu/odeok = otaku/fan
성덕 sungdeok = successful fan
홈마 homma = fan site manager
팬싸 paenssa =fan sign
타팬 tapaen = other group's fan
머글 meogeul = muggle/ fan of no one/ normal person
메보 mebo =main vocals
음방eumbang =music stations
응원봉 eungwonbong = lighstick
악성개인팬/악개 akseong gaeinpaen/akgae =individual fans but like to bash other members
마이웨이 my way =acting like he pleases

gat = god
넘사벽 namsabyeok =4th dimensional wall that you can't cross over
설레 seolle =heart fluttering
리즈시절 lijeushijeol =golden days
5959 ogu ogu =ogu ogu (like aigoo aigoo)/ cute
ㅇㅇ이즈뭔들 XX ijeu mwondeul =XX is everything

깡패 ggangpae = literally it means gangster, but it's used to describe someone who excels in a field, it can be used in other contexts too like :
노래깡패 norae ggangpae = pro at singing/
콘샙깡패 konseb ggangpae =pro with concepts/
어깨깡패 eoggae ggangpae = large shoulder gangster

실력파 shireokpa =known for their skills
심쿵 shimkung =heart attack
예지력상승 yejiryeok sangseung = vision increased
꿀잼 ggumjaem = really funny/interesting/amusing

열폭 akpug =exploding with inferiority complex
까이다 gga-ida =diss/swear at someone
관종 gwanjong =attention seeker
악플 akpeul = cyberbullying/ write malicious comments
언플 eonpeul =media play 
억지다 eokjida =stretch/reach
오바 oba =too much/overreaction/over the top exaggerated 
발연기 balyeon-gi =acting with one's foot= sucks at acting

솔까 solgga =seriously/honestly
또라이 ddora-i=freak
울컥 ulkeog =rage
모태솔로 motaesollo =forever alone
초딩 choding = immature/little kid
18 shibal = f*ck
과사 gwasa =past pictures

프사 peusa =profile pictures
셀고 selgo =can't take selcas
패완얼 Paewaneol = face completes the look
상폐녀/상폐남 sangpye-nyeo/sangpye-nam = women and men who are no longer women/men (it's a negative connotation usually directed to older people. It comes from the term 식시장에서 주식이 퇴출당하는것 which literally means "stocks that are taken out from the stock markets. For example, Koreans use it to describe a woman who's pass her marriage age and who's fat and has cellulite, etc.")

label names
스브스 seubeuseu =SBS
엠카 emka =Mcountdown
쇼챔 shyochaem =show champion
유스케 yuseuke =Yoo Hee Yeol's sketchbook
seum =SM
제왑 jewab =JYP
와쥐 wajwi =YG
혐석 hyumsuk =Hyum Suk (coming from 극혐=disgusting)
덞엠 deolm-em =WM entertainment
(there's a WHOLE list of idols names and groups names turned into slangs too but it would be too long to list ^^;;; if you're interested comment below and we'll individually go back to you ^o^)

노답 nodab =no hope/no comment
노이해 no ihae = don't understand
노잼 nojaem =not fun
노관심 nogwanshim = no interest

slangs from other languages:
워더 wode =mine (from Chinese 我的)
사스가 sasuga =as expected (from Japanese すが)
낫닝겐 nat ninggen = not human (from Japanese 人間)
gaeb = gap (used when they want to compare something ex: makeup/no makeup)
더럽 deoleob = the love

f*cking XX:
존좋 jonjo = f*cking nice
존예 jonye =f*cking pretty
존잘 jonjal =f*cking handsome
존못 jonmot =f*cking ugly
존멋 jonmeot =f*cking cool
존웃 jonut =f*cking funny
졸귀 jolgui =f*cking cute
(can also be substituted with =freaking instead of ^^)
개취 gae chwi =freaking my style
개이뻐 gae ipeo =freaking pretty
개잘함 gae jalham =does a very good job

ㅇㄱㄹㅇ= this is legit (from 이거리얼)
ㅁㅈ=right (from 맞아)
ㅇㅈ=agree (from 인정)
ㄴㄴ=no no (from 노노)
ㅈㅉ=really (from 진짜)
ㅉㅉ=tsk tsk 
ㅅㅂ=f*ck (you guys can guess this one ^^;)
=f*cker/retard (from 병신)
ㄷㄷ= wow/amazing/tremble (from 대단/덜덜)
ㅁㅊ=crazy (from 미친)
ㅎㄷㄷ=boiling with anger (from 호덜덜)
ㄱㅊ=it's ok (from 괜찮())
=thanks (from 감사(합니다))
ㅈㄹ=the truth (from 지린())

let us know if you want the romaji version!!

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