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there was an article about "Mot-Chin-So" featuring an idol
(T/n: I guess it's a special segment of Infinity challenge, Mot-Chin-So stands for "Mot = 못생긴 = ugly + Chin= 친구 =friend + So = 소개합니다 = introduce ^^)

I wonder how people will view his personalities when he's finally able to show them
his past is filled with not a single skeleton in his closet
"clean past Bobby"

*Bobby working hard on his stage*
*Bobby making bunny eyes(?) while seeing a fan falling over*
*he froze on stage and wasn't able to sing, while continuing to stare at the fan*

*worried Bobby*
*relieved that the fan fell without getting injured, he's making small hand claps alone*
*Bobby making sure she/he's ok with his hand gesture*

he couldn't even sing the song
and put his worry for the fan first

Bobby: since it's reggae, if you fix your rhythm it'll be betterㅠ ㅋㅋㅋ you worked hardㅋㅋ I enjoyed watching it

in the mist of all the offensive comments on the youtube video,
Bobby is coolly letting him know that he supports him

Bobby's status: When I have it the hardest, is when the brightest will await me
        -find strength my friend, even though I can only see you once a week, I'll always be there for you
        -you can overcome those times and become even stronger

Q: We could feel you strong and powerful side on SMTM3, even though this image was a good "stratagem" for the show, but for the people listening to the digital song, because it was so over the top (his image), it might've played in disfavor for the impact that you wanted your lyrics to have. (Bobby didn't say anything) Are you listening to me?

Bobby: no no, I'm listening, I just really needed to hear those words

Bobby: I woke up this morning and ate, I washed, I went to church and participated in their activities then I played on the computer, and I slept

Bobby writing to his aunt wishing her happy birthday and be careful not to get sick again. He also says he'll pray for her new year. The next message was about him wishing merry Christmas to his aunt and telling her to come play with him in the States.

More message written to his aunt saying how he likes his house in the States and his fingers hurt from typing Merry Christmas with all the fonts he also tells her not to forget their faces, the other message was telling her he loved her, and the last one is saying how he's bored because he can't harass his aunt and he can't hear his grandma nagging. He tells her he misses her and he's disappointed/sad
He also says he won't forget her smile

this was covered here

Olltii talking about how Bobby apologized for his fans swearing at him (Olltii) during SMTM stage

Q: Are you giving all the prize money of SMTM3 to your mom?
A: I'm still saving it. I wanna give her all at once happily. I was ignorant when I was young, but once I grew up and realized, I saw how much she suffered. I want her to forget all of those memories

With the title of an idol hanging around my neck
I proudly make money so I can meet my mom
Our family was struggling because of money
Just like the name I made, it’s BOB-BY now

trans: popgasa

during YG's audition:
"we have it kinda hard in our home...
both my parents are working
but even my hyung is working but I'll become a star so my house won't have it hard
so please take care of me"

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ㅇ |2016.02.05 01:08 
Bobby's personalities sure are good, but I'm more surprised at B.I, while watching "Mari and I", he had his schedules so he arrived late and was so tired, but he still took care of the rabbit and fed him, it made me look at him with in a new light. His eyes seriously overflows with honey, this program seriously converted me as a B.I fan ㅠㅠ

ㅇㅇ |2016.02.05 00:55 
honestly, if you only look at him as a rapper, you'll only have the stereotyped "Korean douchebag rappers" image of him, but Bobby is really famous for his personalities among fans ㅠㅠ I'm scared he's going to think himself as ugly if he came on "introducing your ugly friend"...

ㅇㅇ |2016.02.05 00:23 
this too
anyways, I don't think my dreams will become reality, rather you should just turn your wishes into reality. You have to build bigger visions and stop dreaming!! 
ㅇㅇ |2016.02.05 00:45 
I feel like people dislike Bobby because they only read his lyrics.. but once you know him, he's actually innocent ㅜㅜ His clean past and his personalities are all good ㅠ I wish people stop only looking at his appearanceㅠㅠ

ㅇㅇ |2016.02.05 01:17 
Bobby is a warm hearted man♡
"hyung is there"


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