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Age: 21
Hi PC-tizens, I'm 21 years old and I have a feeling that my father is cheating on my mother. My mother is so busy with her work so she often goes aboard or is out of town. I felt like this since I started college which is around 3 years ago. Some things that make me suspicious of his act are..

- He has lots of female friends and sometimes when I'm going out to meet my friend, he will pick me up from where I am but while he waits for me he will ask his female friends to accompany him and I saw him with his female friends and my friend will ask me "why does your father eat with his female friends?" I feel ashamed of my father because of that

- He always chat with his female friends at home or wherever he is and I feel like the way he talks with them is too friendly and sometimes, he talks about something personal /I read some of his chats from the corner of my eyes when he replies to their messages and when I'm near him

- He cares too much about his female friends. He buys them gifts or souvenirs when we go to a family holiday aboard or out of town, ask if they already have their meal or not etc etc which is not a casual question to ask to normal friends

- He often lies to my mother and sometimes he lies to her in front of my face and all I do is scoff but I really want to scream at him

- One time he asked me to reply one of his friends chat about him buying the food she wanted on the way home after he went out with me

- He asks me to reply my mom message on whatsapp but in his recent chats there's a woman and much younger than he is and I know for sure she wasn't his colleague because I'be never meet her before (sometimes my parents bring me to their company gathering)

- He often lies too me if I ask him where he is especially when my mom is not around. For example, sometimes, he calls me to ask where I am or if I have already eaten or not but then when I ask him back, he always stutters every f*cking time. Lol. What's so hard to answer? And suddenly he would say that he is on the way home from going out of town or he says that he was going out with his friend. Female friend you mean?

- He always comes home late when my mom is not around. When I ask him why did he come home late he always says that he had a meeting. HAHAHA. I know for a fact that my father is not someone who has meetings after his work time unlike my mother.

I know when someone lies to my face lol seriously I often lie to people (not that I'm proud of it) but I'm able to tell if someone is saying the truth or not.
I really want to vent my anger because of this and I kept this for too long in my heart.
I'm really afraid to check my father phone and find that he's really cheating on my mother. I know they love each other but I just can't take this feeling that my father isn't being faithful to my mother.
What should I do?.. sighs. I really love my mother and I don't want here to get hurt 😞

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