Thursday, November 17, 2016


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Age: 17 Hi, pannchoa. I've run out of places I can turn to. So I'm going to give this a shot. It was during 2016 new year, I was alone in my bedroom -
I lived with only my sister, and she was out with friends. Whatever the reason is, I did something really stupid that I shouldn't have done.. I went to Omegle and met this guy - I thought he had the kindest smile and it felt really comfortable chatting with him,
and he also complimented me a lot, which does not happen in real life.
I immediately gained a sense of trust (?) in this guy -
I was 16 and didn't know better, I guess. The conversation continued and it was going to the direction of him getting turned on + wanting to jack off?
So I let him did it, and uh because I'm such a stupid girl, I somehow showed my tits in a whim.
After he jacked off, he told me he had to go but he told me his skype username, and said "we should chat again".
I immediately closed the tab then. It's nearing new year's now and I just feel... helpless.
Lost. I am so much more traumatized than what I let myself believe -
My boyfriend would hold my hand and I would immediately shy away because the face of the Omegle guy would keep on appearing in my mind.
I've played possible scenarios of the video getting out to the public and I see myself committing suicide over it.... There's no way out.
Please help me, please please please...

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