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Is Twice considered the one top when it comes to their visuals?
Of course, an octopus like me compared to them is not right, but are they that pretty?
I'm wondering if they can be called legends with their visuals..?
Aren't there a lot of groups out there who are as pretty?
I think that my eyes might be weird but I've watched some of their varieties shows and I don't know if they're that pretty

I don't care if there's an explosion of downvotes, I'm resolute in asking this question

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ㅇㅇ |2016.12.18 00:52 신고하기
Twice is like a collection of all beauties together. Each of them has individuality so they're different and that's what makes them even more beautiful and that's why people are calling them pretty so much. Seriously it's not that hard to gather a bunch of good looking girls together, but it's hard to pick girls with differen styles from each other and reunite them together. Twice also have good bodies so the gurs are even more attracted to them

ㅇㅇ |2016.12.18 00:32 신고하기
I'm not trying to say that they're the one top since visuals all come down to personal taste, and I'm not saying they're doing better than anyone else, but seriously if you looked at them before their debut, they were gathering fans based on their faces alone and they were already very famous with guys already. Guys are all for pretty faces and good bodies, Twicearent' popular for othing. They indeed have outstanding visuals

ㅇㅇ |2016.12.18 02:09 신고하기
Seriously visuals all come down o individual taste, but Twice are my style!

ㅇㅇ |2016.12.18 02:16 신고하기
Personally I think that the members are all pretty individually but once you put them together, they have a balance in visuals. There's girls like Tzuyu who has good physics and whose visuals are super fancy and you'd think that she would bury the other kids but if you asked people who is the prettiest in Twice, there would be people who would choose the standard beauties like Tzuyu but the rest of the members are all very popular because their individuality is so strong


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