Wednesday, December 28, 2016


1. Right now, on SBSMTV The show, Up10tion Wooshin and IOI Somi are the MCs
2. The 2 MCs were shooting a special video for Christmas together
3. Because of a hand gesture, Wooshin has been framed as sexually harassing Somi and it became a controversy
4. The company released a statement saying that Wooshin didn't touch Somi
The controversy was still in the heat of being spread and Up10tion had to film their Vapp

- It sounds scary
- He/she/they are too greedy

Around the 5min44 mark, the members became all rigid

The 3 members on the left were looking at the looking at the same spot for at least 7 to 8 seconds all together
If you watched the broadcast live, you will realize how the members all changed expressions at the same time

If you continue to watch the clip, when Kogyeol finished playing his round in the game, he went to sit behind Wooshin

Usually Wooshin would be the MC and he would always do the narration(?) when the members are playing and he would stand in the front
but on that day, he was always sitting at the back end...

t/n: comments:
1. F*cking sexual molester Wooshin
2. Wooshin the sexual molester
3. Wooshin-ah, you're famous now, for being a sexual molester~
4. #Up10tion_Wooshin_SexualMolester

That's the comments situation when up10tion were live during Vapp
Right now, it's getting even worse

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1. I seriously hate V app because there are so many thoughtless comments
 > It was even worse during Gayo daejun, there were comments about dissing their families and sexual harassment

2. Ah seriously my heart hurts seeing this, I wonder how they did to continue the V app until the endㅠㅠㅠㅠ

3. Wow the comments are daebak... What kind of benefit do you have for writing comments like these? Whether it's Twitter or Vapp, because of the anonymity, people are so free to leave harsh words. I hope the boomerang hits you back. Up10tion's company, aren't you going to sue them? Looking at Naver, there are so many over the board comments, I don't understand why they're not suing them

4. The Show's MCs are quite goodㅜㅠ Both of them said that it didn't happen, why is everyone acting up

5. I wonder how did they feel to see this live. My heart hurts

6. Not only Wooshin, but Somi's side also clarified that it wasn't sexual molestation, seeing them saying how it was 100% sexual molestation is too much

7. Aigo.... He's still 21 years old, he must've been so hurtㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 

8. Seriously a shame... They don't look at the clarifications, only at the controversy

9. If I was the one who read those comments, I would've lost it... I hope the boomerang hits the commenters back...


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