Thursday, February 2, 2017


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Hello PC-tizens!

We know we made countless posts like these but we just want to stress once again that k-nets' opinion =/= our opinion.

We have never labeled this blog as being 'positive' but we do translate mostly positive articles because they are more light hearted and they make you guys happiest (except trolls but that's another story).

We don't want to drag anyone in this but we do want to precise that we did see that most of PANN's trending posts are negative posts about Twice. And NO, we do not translate them all and we try to balance out with some positive posts about them, but somehow some readers still infer that our intentions are malicious from translating genuinely nice posts about Twice (which is still a mystery to us). Again, we have nothing against Twice and k-nets' opinion =/= our opinion. We even tried to put Twice as our previous month's banner to temper it down...

The top articles on PANN for the past days and weeks and months have been hate articles about Twice (mainly because they became the new models for Pocari). But remember more hate usually equals more fame.

We are extremely busy recently so we don't really have time to filter out articles. We do not "purposely pick Twice articles" to hate on them. Fanwars are just too much stress to deal with and also it's not worth our energy and time to go look for negative articles. We understand that you guys are only trying to defend your biases and that since we are the ones translating, part of the blame goes to us.  And we do want to apologize if those articles have made you guys uncomfortable or angry. We know that there are always some extreme fans so again, we are not trying to generalize the whole fandom or anything, since the majority of fans are kind. We are just writing this from what we see one Twitter/comments.

On another note, we have also seen from the comments that some of you found our articles "repetitive" so we tried not to always post about the same topics (i.e. male idols' gifs, top female visuals, shoulder gangsters, etc.). Thus, leaving us with not much to translate. We understand that we cannot please everyone, and we know that you guys still want us to blog as much as we can. We also understand that you guys want as much positive articles about your bias groups as possible.

We just feel that it's a bit disheartening that despite the work we put into this blog, some people are dragging us on Twitter and in the comments section saying how we "crave for attention and clicks", telling us to go "die" and that we "turned negative". We do try to accommodate to as much people as possible but it's kinda hard with the schedule we have right now as mentioned above.

Once again, we barely make any money from this blog if not at all. So please remember that we are also human and even if we try to ignore the hate, once we read it, it's hard to not linger on it.

We will try in the future to be more conscious about the posts we make since PC has been growing up exponentially. We do recognize that PC's popularity comes with more responsibility (no rhyme intended). So we will try to be more careful going forward ^^

So we kindly ask you guys to please be more understanding and mature  >< We know that the 'negative comments' about this blog only comes from a minority but it's still hard to ignore XD

If there are still anything you think we missed, please leave it in the comments section below!!

Have a nice day and thank you for reading!

PC admins


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