Tuesday, May 2, 2017


idols' extreme jobs
t/n: not going to post the picture out of respect you guys can check on the actual post, this is actually the #1 trending post on Instiz right now, hence why we translated the comments!

original post: here

1. Did you even ask the guys' permissions to post their pictures? That's disrespectful...

2. You sure are Ru~ude

3. That's so ill-mannered, you just took their pictures without their permissions and posted to ridicule them that way?

4. Wow this is so wrong, you're so rude...

5. Isn't this a hidden camera? Those people's feelings will get hurt if they saw this

6. I seriously hope the person who took this picture gets sued, this is so mean, if you wanted to shoot the idols just shoot the idols instead

7. But Oh My Girl might not think of their fans like this, why are you making a post assuming they don't like them...

8. Wow this is severe... Can't he/she get sued for this? It's a real hidden camera

9. They spent their own money to attend though...

10. And where is the problem?


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