Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Aobajousai high school's captain Oikawa Tooru's birthday!

Happy birthday <3

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1. It's Tooru's birthday, happy early birthday <3

2. It's our Tooru's birthday!!!<3<3 happy birthday. I hope that you can walk the happy path. No matter what other people say, you are the coolest guy on earth. I love you, Tooru

3. Tooru... I love you...

4. My forever 2D bias, Tooru, happy birthday. I love you so much.. <3

5. Tooru, otanjoubi omedetou

6. Oooohh... it's Oikawa's birthday...ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ our Kusokawa...ㅠ

7. Oikawa-san, happy birthday <3<3<3<3

8. Happy birthday... because of you, I feel happy today! From sleeping to opening my eyes, I was able to be happy all day because of you. Seriously, I love you.. I'll wait until I see you on the big screens... I miss you... Be happy Tooru!

9. <3

10. Tanjoubi omedetou!!!!!!!!! Let's only walk the flower path our captain!!!!<3<3 We are all trusting in you!!!


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