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T/N: there's this OP on PANN sharing her 'kiss stories' for a while now and we found them pretty cute ^^ let us know if you guys want to read them all! :D

Hehe, I'm currently not a teen anymore but I gathered all my kiss stories from my teems and I'll share them with you guys.

Yup, I was dating a guy from the same class as me back when I was in school
To be honest, I didn't like that guy but he kept telling me how he liked me and I was thinking 'will I be able to find anyone else who likes me as much as him in all my life?'. So, I ended up dating him.
Of course, we are not together anymore hehe
Even so, when I walk pass the places where we used to kiss, I sometimes get reminded of him.

First of all, we had our first kiss in the stairs, since we had to go up some stairs to reach the roof of the school.
Actually, we were secretly dating and even if we were in the same class, we did not make it obvious.
So every time we were done our late night cram classes, before we went home, we would meet at the stairs for 30 min and talked about our daily lives and comforted each other.
At first, we talked to each other while leaning on the stairs but as we talked longer, our legs began to feel tired so we sat on the stairs to continue our conversation.
He was sitting behind be and I was sitting in front of him.

Seriously, I think that we had a wholesome relationship.
He wasn't my first relationship and I was almost his first girlfriend just because he used to date another girl during his elementary school.
So yeah, I think that's why he was being so careful around me.
Thinking back makes me realize how he must have held back a lot.

But when our 50 days came around, he didn't give me any attention on that day
He usually pays a lot of attention to me but that day, he kept being distracted by his surroundings.
So like I said, I was sitting in front of him and talking to him. He was stroking my hair with his fingers as he was listening to me but my hair got tangled up, so he was trying to untangle them and continued to brush my hair with his fingers. Anyways, it felt a bit weird.
So I asked him "why are you like that? Is there anything wrong?"
And he suddenly went like "I have a gift for our 50 days"

But the thing is that I'm not the type to celebrate those kind of things since they are a bit of a pain to keep track of. I don't even bother celebrating 100 days so imagine 50 days.
So I was like "I didn't know that today was our 50 days. What to do? What do you want as gift? I'll buy it for you tomorrow"
And he was like "No, you don't need to buy me anything. Just give me anything you can as of now"
I thought that he meant something like showing him my aegyo or some stuffs like that.

But it didn't seem like it was what he wanted. 
He then asked me if he could kiss me.
First of all, I don't know how to lead him in and second of all, I didn't even know about giving gifts for 50 days of relationship. It was very cute though.
Besides, I've only held hand with my last boyfriend, nothing more.
So I said "it's a bit dark and the atmosphere is awkward"
But he held my face and gently kissed me.
I couldn't even imagine it.
I didn't mind about what move to do next, how to react, etc. And everything just felt really natural.

I leaned my body towards him a bit and put my arms around his waist.
But he flinched a bit and held my hands that were on his waist.
And I think that we kissed for about 5 minutes (no tongues involved).
But after, I felt his tongue and I felt a bit repulsed so I shut my mouth.
And then, when I looked at my boyfriend, his mouth was a bit opened and he was a bit short of breath. I found him pretty sexy.

The first time was hard but after that, it felt much easier
We even tried deep kissing afterwards and even tried other very offensive kisses

I'm not the type to writing well so I don't know if you guys will enjoy this
So please give me some feedback and I'll upload more.

Bye and goodnight!

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Don't go, tell us more

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Unnie, you were dating so prettily, I'm jealousㅜㅜㅜ so sweet

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I'll wait for you

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Please share more...

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Oohhh please write more


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