Saturday, August 5, 2017


wow wow
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1. I wouldn't even be able to take the picture.... I would've dropped my phone while shaking... He's too handsome
2. Since when does he look that manly... He's seriously so handsome.... His visuals are making preparations for hitting big nowadays...
3. Wow seriously... I can't not leave a comment, he's way too handsome
4. Really.... Now I acknowledge why people are saying that Cha Eunwoo is the male idol who represents the idols among the millenials, his looks are so rare and precious
5. Is he even human
6. Wow seriously that's not a face a normal human can achieve...
7. My God thank you for bringing him into existence... He's really a phenomenon in terms of handsomeness.. He's literally the standard of handsomeness
8. It's the first time someone shines on my existence as I scrolled down the post, and he's not even my bias
9. Visuals that can make you dizzy and speechless
10. Wow how can he get even more handsome... That's not a human's face


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