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T/N: Suzy received some backlash for supporting a YouTuber who got sexually harassed (she was probably talking about this video which went viral among Koreans both on YT and FB ). So because of that, she decided to post the below on her Instagram today.

“5/17 at around 4AM
I saw a post while browsing Instagram
A ‘female person’ who had the dream of becoming an actress looked for a job 3 years ago
Shot something she didn’t want ito
Was sexually harassed,
Later those photos were leaked onto a pornographic site and she wanted to die.

She said that they didn’t perfectly explain what kind of shoot it was
She signed the contract without really knowing anything,

But once she went to the set, it wasn’t as appropriate as she thought,
What they said was different (from what they initially said),
With the intimidating atmosphere of the people on set, even though she said she didn’t want to do it out of fear, she couldn’t escape.

Along with it being difficult reading those detailed words,
This shocking incident,
This brave confession,
It was sad.

There wasn’t a single article about it (at that time)
If those words were true
I felt that more people needed to know about it,
And it would be good if there was an investigation and I hope that there wouldn’t be any more harm like this in the future.

But when I searched this incident up, it didn’t came up anywhere.
I couldn’t even check if it was true.
I wondered what this was.
There were only one or two posts on Instagram.
At dawn, I told my friend there was an incident like this and that it seemed people didn’t know about it.
I texted them that I didn’t know what to do and first fell asleep.

When I woke up and searched,
Very fortunately, news of this incident were on the main page of news websites, even in the real-time search.
They said they started an investigation so I thought it was a relief.
And I hoped this would end well in any way.

I looked up articles in my spare time while doing other things
But the comments on the articles were shocking.
Of course, they are still investigating it.
That’s right, nothing has come out of it.
It’s only a one-sided claim and you can’t say who is at fault yet as there haven’t been any evidence to back up either side.

Whether some parts have been blown up of proportions or some parts have been omitted, whose words are true and how much of it is true, you can’t know.

The reason I wouldn’t just make some kind of decision that night was because of this.
However, comments that seemed to obscure the incident didn’t make me feel good.
What is there that I can do?
For this case, which is still investigated,
There wasn’t anything I could do to help.

However, those photos being leaked for that female person
I wanted to give strength to that brave confession.
I saw a comment about there being a petition about wanting investigations for hidden cameras, illegal leaking of photos a bit stronger, so I went to the site and signed it.
So that more people can know of this incident.
To spread it far and wide, I could do at least that much.

People criticized me about butting into a random petition hastily
That’s right, I’m aware of my influence.
With a case that doesn’t have any results yet,
It was an action that could lean to one side
But regardless, this blew up for either side
And I think that a proper conclusion needs to be made,
Because there is a victim from one of the two sides.

Through the interest/attention of more people,
With the hope of there being a more accurate solution,
I didn’t want to just pass by and do nothing.

It’s not because she’s a woman
It’s not an issue of feminism
I “butt in” as a person for a person
It was my hasty “butting in” for humanism"

cr. @ch0sshi

original post: here

1. [3739, -98]
How can sexual harassment turn into an issue of feminism?.. seriously, people are wack in their heads

2. [+1618, -40]
Makes me wonder if she should even write down her stance like that. Those male MCs who laugh at foreigners’ pronunciations and make sexual jokes should be in the ones clarifying their actions instead. People are so used to these MCs that there aren’t any articles about them anymore. Also, why are people bashing Bae Suzy? You people who are bashing her have nothing in your heads. That victim was crying and took all her courage to confess. You guys are really funny, you good-for-nothings

3. [+1171, -27]
People who are bashing Suzy for asking for an investigation are no different than people who defend sex offenders right? ^^

4. [+772, -21]
Suzy is cool, Suzy-yah, I’ll always support you

5. [+436, -19]
What wrong did Suzy do?


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