Wednesday, May 8, 2019


On May 9, the Provincial Special Detective Division of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency revealed that they discovered that Seungri had stayed at a hotel in Seoul and received prostitution services.

This happened at the time he mediated prostitution to entertain Japanese investors in late 2015. The police have added the charges of receiving prostitution services to Seungri’s pretrial detention warrant.

The previously revealed charges were prostitution mediation, embezzlement, and violation of the Food Sanitation Act. A police source also stated, “We are looking into other suspicions of [Seungri] mediating prostitution services for investors in addition to the instances at his 2017 birthday party in Palawan and his party with Japanese investors in 2015.”

In relation to suspicions of corrupt ties with Senior Superintendent Yoon, the source said, “We have confirmed the truth using all possible methods and are in the process of legally reviewing the case. We are continuing to investigate the currently active police officers who were booked as well.”

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1. [+311, -3]
Stay focused on the original stuff! Pimping, drugs, kidnapping, exploitation, captivity, and the police who helped him through all those evilness, the prosecution, the politicians, the media, etc. Until when are they going to get revealed!!

2. [+120, -1]
Not even surprised. What has he not commit.. He must be jailed!!! When are we getting the end of it??

3. [+42, -1]
At such a young age, he got money, fame and girls... He's so cheap...

4. [+20, -1]
This scandal has just shed the light to all the parties that could be potentially involved in this

5. [+21, -13]
Yah Seungri, why is prostitution a crime? Seungri is the one who's been spending his hobby time in Japan and overseas and getting all of it since the beginning


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