Monday, February 23, 2015


Nam Taehyun has 4 tattoos

2 on his wrists and 2 on his arms

first of all, the lettering
STAY GOLD means that life is at a golden age
maybe it's because during his trainee days, he received a lot of emotional damages. so for him, debuting in Winner is the beginning of his golden days. after receiving he Winner title, he want to continue to grow and not experience the old hardships anymore.

the more eye-catching tattoo has to be the banana
and his newest bat tattoo
I thought that the way he had it done had a lot of sense
it's in fact inspired from a guy referred as the black Picasso (no racism intended), Jean Michel Basquiat
you can search up his profile

he was known for his doodle-like graffitis 
since then, he became more and more well-known for his arts
he's an artist who had a big influence in the artistic world

usually people who gets inspired by him either draw his arts on their converse or on their body

I think Nam Taehyun got his banana peal from this drawing

and his newest bat tattoo is from the same artist too
while looking at his arts, maybe Nam Taehyun got mesmerized by them and want to express his inner artistic talents
he doesn't want to learn arts formally
and the distance between this art and the classical art is way too big anyways

and the one on his arm is the name of the artist

and this is a drawing that Taehyun made personally

I'm usually always interested in Nam taehyun's fashion or tattoo
and I really liked the meaning of his tattoos
so I wanted to share it all with you guys

post response:
ㅇㅇ |2015.02.23 18:52
what Nam Taehyun said on his youth "I don't like personalities that are half-hearted. if I eat something, I want to eat it deliciously, if I wear something, I want to wear something that I represents me. I want to do everything with that mindset. 'Stay Gold' is that kind of word. it means the Golden Age. at the end on WIN, we received the title of Winner. since then, I'm spending my days very well. I think that's what youth is. it's the Golden Age that you can get only once in your whole life. I didn't thought much about it and just followed my heart and got it tattooed on my wrist. I'm really happy that I could experience all these moments up until now."

인서 |2015.02.23 19:51
I like the 2 tattoos on his wrists

ㅇㅋ |2015.02.23 18:43
NamTae's tattoos are so pretty and polished. me too, I want to get a tattoo on my wrist but everyone's telling me not to do it
ㅇㅇ |2015.02.23 20:41
I think that he's always thinking about stuff deep inside and that he has many isolated thoughts. I think he's more mature than kids of his age.. he has a lot of interests in candle and romantic stuff, he's definitely out of the ordinary

ㅇㅇ |2015.02.24 00:06
this is another drawing by NamTae

ㅇㅋ |2015.02.23 23:30
this is another drawing too ㅎㅎㅎㅎ


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