Friday, March 13, 2015


first of all, I'm just a normal school girl. 

I like to sing and I even won some singing competitions .. but personally, if I were a judge, I wouldn't consider myself that good at singing.. 
I've been practicing dance and during vacations, I went to a dance competition. 
the people around me were saying that I'm good at singing and dancing, but my dream isn't even to become a singer, but a police officer. I wanted to take this path since I was a kid, but now my mind is so confused. Actually when I told my mom that I wanna become a singer, she would start crying and say stuff like "you really wanna take that path?".. Since my mom was crying so hard, I felt sorry and I ditched the path of being a singer.
anyways, despite that, I kept singing and dancing but just as a side hobby. 

there's a place near my school that looks like an empty field, people would come a play music with their band, there are dancers too and there's soccer,etc.  
And there's also a building that has a norebang in the first floor. 
Sometimes, I would go and sing there. Yesterday, I went norebang and dance practice with my eonnie after I got out of school. There's someone who heard me singing and said that I should audition. 
Seriously, I've received business cards before too, but they were all academies or companies that you've never heard. So I would just say "ah. sorry" and walk away. 
but that time, I looked at the hands of the person who was holding the card just out of curiosity.. and it was sm. so many thoughts came and I was thinking whether I should accept it or not..Seriously if it's SM. It's a bit easier to to achieve your dreams with that company rightㅠ I thought it was a fake but they even gave me the phone number... seriously I'm so conflicted.. I really wanna do the audition, but I feel sorry when I'm starting to think about my parents... Should I enter ..??

please take my concern seriously...ㅠㅠ
I had to hide the informations..ㅠ I'm scared that my identity would be robbed..ㅠ
my appearance.. I'm seriously average! 

I'm 167 so I'm on the taller side, I'm not even being modest, I really look averageㅠㅠ 
the only advantage I have is my white skin.. apart from that I have nothing... 
I don't know how to make up so I only put some Nivea strawberry flavor lip balm. 
It's not because I'm pretty please don't misunderstandㅠㅠ

post response:

ㅇㅇ |2015.03.14 00:03
 when I read stuff like that, it really confirms that life is all about timingㅠㅠ just try once in your life, if it fails, it's still an experienceㅎㅎ fighting!!

ㅇ |2015.03.14 00:07
it's not SM town, it's  SM C&C..? there's Infinite and Lovelyz!! just try to audition

ㅇ |2015.03.13 22:39
You're not even sure if you can become a trainee in the first place. I suggest you to still audition just to see! And you've even been cast, so it means your skills are really up there, wouldn't it be good if you were taken? if not it can't be helped, just try once!

남캉 |2015.03.14 01:34
Changmin hyung was playing badminton and he became TVXQ.

ㅇㅇ |2015.03.14 01:09
I think it's actually SM townㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋI received the same thing and thought it was SM C&C but it was actually SM town!


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