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T/N: it's a request but the post is kinda old-ish (last month) so they might be talking about old issues. therefore please keep this in mind in case you are thinking that they are "bringing up old issues" :P

sorry Starlights ㅠㅠ did I scare you guys with the title?
actually the title I wanted to say is more like "why is VIXX doing this to me lately?"
I go often on Pann and nowadays, each time I go on it, it's all articles bashing VIXX.

I'm a Startlight since their Mydol days so it hurts my pride when people say bad things about them.
at first, when VIXX debuted, they didn't do so well, so they worked very hard on their promotions.
when they did On and On, people saw their potential and they slowly gained more recognition.
but truthfully, because it was a weird concept, it was kind of a hit or miss for the public and opinions were divided.
but even so, for Starlights, On and On is a very precious song and even the VIXX members said that it was their debut song (as a joke!)

as a result, after their On and On promotions, VIXX stuck to the fantasy concepts and worked very hard on their promotions up until now.
those three songs: Hyde, Voodoo doll and Error are all non-human concepts (Eternity too but it was more about people parting ways!)
seriously concepts like Error and Voodoo doll are so hard to pull of as an idol.
nonetheless, our VIXX won fair and square on 20131206 with Voodoo doll!
afterwards, they became even more confident with every following comebacks
they really caused so many heart attacks to Starlights ㅎㅅㅎ

our VIXX members are all so tall (our maknae is 183cm!!!), their pasts are all clean and there's nothing to bash about their personalities (if you want to bash Leo on his Weekly Idol appearance, look at the episode carefully. it's the staffs who make a malicious editing. also, N clarified his "scandal" with Yoo Byungjae today. YBJ wrote to N and asked if he wanted to let the public know that he wasn't offended by N's behavior but N said it was no necessary. later on, YBJ took a capture of their katalk messages and posted it on his Facebook)

the VIXX members are also good at singing (Hyuk and Hongbin are still lacking but if you compare them with their debut days, they have really improved! please listen to Hyuk's Memory and Hongbin's Falling Slowly!). they really think about their fans, they thank us for every little things and really want to us to be happy. although I can't really judge their faces objectively, I would say that they are not completely the hot types but they are not ugly either!
but of course, for us Starlights, they are more handsome than anyone else!!

I'm not too sure what I want to write about and looks like I'm just babbling around (actually it's because I got so mad at a post I just read....ㅋㅋ)
anyways, the things I really want to say is that VIXX are all kind, polite and pretty idols
so please stop viewing them negativelyㅠㅠ

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비츠 |2015.04.09 23:40
Vixx started at the bottom of the ladder and their fans all know it. so for them to get bashed for winning #1 really make us rage. I hope that they don't read Panns.

레벨99 |2015.04.10 13:02
ah ㅋㅋㅋ I like Vixx's songs so much ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ and I'm 28 years old ㅋㅋㅋ I listened to Love Letter on my way back from work yesterday and on my way to work today ㅋㅋ do they have other songs?

ㅇㅇ |2015.04.09 23:35
Nate is just filled with solutions

ㅇㅇ |2015.04.10 17:14
somehow, out of the 6 members, 5 are maknaes. I feel like they receive as much love as they give out. their built is so big but they are all cute so they still look like kids. I feel that the hyung line is even cuter, each time they hold a fan meeting, they give out so much love and healing. their words are pretty and they give so much encouragement~ 


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