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hi pannchoa-tizens!! It's been some time we haven't talked with you guys ^^
we've been all busy with finals and personal project :P 
first of all, we hope that all of you who are done with exams all got good marks! And the younger ones going through finals, close this page and go study!!

we noticed a lot of new pannchoa-tizens
and a lot of people asked us how we deal with requests,
so here's a post that will explain a bit more about how we translate ^O^)/

for the request, normally it's on Saturday only ^_^ and unfortunately the other days' requests will be disregarded (we will explain why later)

step 1. we tweet about the request time, and due to different time zones, it may not be saturday anymore for you! We live in Canada, so we will tweet the request window when we hit Saturday!
Sometimes, we're out playing/busy so the time may differ, but the request window is normally there for 24 hours! :) we usually tweet before sleeping, so don't rush us!! :P

step 2. we wake up and take down the request/respond to questions ^^


step 3. make a file, we normally take every requests on a note pad or we save the links under our bookmarks ^.^ we then keep the file for 1 week to wait and see if there are any articles that talk about them.

step 4. we review all the request!
we normally respond to all the request, but here are some reason we may not to! It's nothing personal/bias against your group!! keep that in mind!

1. the post gets deleted by the OP before we have the chance to look at it

2. the post contains potentially malicious content that can stir up traffic/fan wars ^^ 
this is a bit tricky, because sometimes, we can't help but to translate some hateful articles, because it's either a hot topic or because it gets requested too often, but most of the times, we try to keep it clean :P keep in mind that knets opinions on PANN =/= all Korean's opinion =/= Korea's culture 
we remind you that this blog is supposed to reflect what PANN's fan culture is, so to skip some big articles is bias in a way ^^;;

3. you're requesting more than 1 link
before, when this blog used to be a "rookie blog" we didn't have much requests, so we could afford to translate everthing, but now, since there are a lot more new readers, we're trying to be fair with everyone and translate at least one of their request!^^

4. your post is too long
some posts are WAAAAAYYYYY too packed and we're humans too ^^ We know that as fans, you guys probably really wanna know every bits of your bias, and it's understandable. So with long posts, sometimes we would either paraphrase or just skip it when we're getting tired of translating/busy ^^;; we're humans too!!

5. your bias' post gets requested too often!
this is rarely an issue, but sometimes, we would receive like 7 articles about (for example) Suzy. And we wanna try not to become too redundant with our posts/other readers accuse us of bias/etc. We know that you guys are grateful for our blog so thank you!^O^

6. already got translated by other websites/same topic with similar comments

7. posts with no comments/not enough comments

If your request is not translated in Saturday, don't panic!! XD
Don't worry, we view every request, even though we have 100+ notifs so it's not necessary to remind us to translate your article :3 
we know that you guys are impatient! Because you're a good fan, but we just can't afford to translate all day long, since we share one computer, it's a bit harder now >_<;;

the other requests will appear during the week!

for the non-request days, 
this is how we proceed
we normally go on the "best talk" section on enter-talk and pick the article here! simple~ :)

+the reason we only do request Saturdays is mainly because we wanna show you guys the posts we personally find interesting on PANN (ie: teen stories/bizarre&horror/male-female analysis/etc.) but if we have too much requests, we won't have time to translate those! 

hope you guys get a better understanding of Pannchoa! 
again, thank you for visiting our blog :D
you guys are the best 

-PC Admins- 


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