Sunday, June 21, 2015


Nowadays, there are a lot of good idol rappers
Winner Song Mino
Ikon B.I/Bobby
BTS Rapmon/Suga
BTOB Ilhoon/Minhyuk
AOA Jimin
Exid  LE
Evol Jucy
BlockB Zico, etc

However, there's no idols who can rap like Park Kyung

but there is never any mention of Park Kyung as an idol rapper, never
the muggles don't know about Park Kyung as a rapper either,
they say that he doesn't have the visuals so they ask what is he good at?
rap of course.

he was in a group called Harmonics with Zico before.
he was under the name of Holke as a underground rapper
Park Kyung=off-beat rap
it's not like he doesn't know the beat,

it's just that he's really good at re-arranging the beats
if I had to compare him to someone similar would be Leessang's Gary
it's seriously hard to rap off-beat like that

for me the hardest parts to pull off in BlockB's songs are Taeil's high notes

and Park Kyung's off-beat rap

he's a rapper too
but it's such a shame that he's never mentioned
he's not even gonna go on SMTM so people won't know about him.....

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ㄴ |2015.06.21 09:33 
nono it's not because Park Kyung can't rap that people aren't mentioning him, but because it would get tiring if they always mention him because he's too good right? ?? Personally, I find that Park Kyung is really good,.. Especially in Nililimambo I learned about him and his off-beat rap 

ㅎㅎ |2015.06.21 03:37 
I'm not a BlockB fan but I use their song as a ringtoneㅋㅋㅋㅋBut does everyone know that ZIco is overshadowing Park Kyung's skills??

벌 |2015.06.21 08:20 
Park Kyung is the truth....It's so hard to follow his lyrics, but what's funny is that you can still understand all his lyrics even though it's off-beatㅋㅋㅋha..Park Kyung always come with unexpected good raps but his articles get overshadowed by Zico's ..ㅠㅠㅠㅠha

하우두유권 |2015.06.21 13:34 
Originally, Park Kyung was a producer and when they were under Cho PD, Park Kyung and Zico weren't supposed to be under BlockB together. Park Kyung has leadership too but Zico overpowered him too much. Later on, the other group didn't happen so Park Kyung said that if he wasn't in BlockB he wouldn't eat and go home, so in the end, it couldn't be helped so they put both of them in BlockB

ㅎ |2015.06.21 13:14 
can you remove AOA Jiminㅋㅋㅋㅋ

꿀벌 |2015.06.21 12:44 
Zico rap : it looks hard and it sticks to your ears, but it's doable if you repeat it some times /// Park Kyung rap : it looks easy but, the pronunciations are tongue twisters, the beat is also not the obvious one. Even if you keep listening to it and try at the norebang, you'll still get messed up with the beats


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