Thursday, July 30, 2015


I was browsing on Instagram at night and saw this post trending. It started to spread and it's becoming a huge issue now. The EXO-Ls are all going on instagram saying that they'll sue her/him if he/she is trying to spread false information. You can see in the video that the person is claiming that Sehun was drunk driving. I watched the video too and I think it's the truth.And you could hear his girlfriend(?) saying "Sehun-ah~how are you going to take the car like this?".
is it true that he drunk drove?

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ㅇㅇ |2015.07.30 14:43 
at first, the anti on the instagram said that Sehun was in his girlfriend's car and they got drunk together and drove like this causing an accident. At first, you could only see 3 guys without their faces and you couldn't hear their voice well either, because people were starting to say that they'll sue her/him, he/she deleted the video. She/he then found pictures of people with similar clothing as Sehun and posted again, but the clothes were different from the first video's clothes and shoes. Then she/he received comments saying that they'll sue her/him again so she/he took the thing down a second time. Then she/he posted a video of someone calling out Sehun with a guy acting drunk, but there's not even evidence of him being drunk nor is there evidence of him drunk driving.  We can't even see Sehun's face nor hear his voice, the clothes of the pictures and the videos are different.

ㅇㅇ |2015.07.30 14:57 
the anti says that he/she did it for the fans, what bullsh*t. She/he posts a video where you can't even sort out whether it's Sehun or not, she/he says that Sehun got into an accident with his girlfriend's car and a taxi but there's zero proof of whether it's Sehun, who the girl is and whether they drunk drove. The anti is creating a commotion starting by saying Sehun drunk drove, but we don't even know if this is true to start with. Don't mention those bullsh*t again

ㄷ |2015.07.30 14:50 
I'm not sure about this but I'm sure this is not Oh Sehun, This instagram post was made on July 11th at night but the post about an idol doing a speed violation was up in June 4th. So A is not Oh Sehun

ㅇㅇ |2015.07.30 17:01 
<how to spread EXO rumors>
1. film the back of a guy at night with dim light and put it on instagram
2. write a post about the guy being EXO and he was the one driving
3. make up various tags to attract the fans' attention #EXO #OhSehun #Sehun
4. spread on a community with a lot of people saying that it's a case about EXO's rumors
5. unknown person's video = EXO drunk driving
6. rumor spread complete


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