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I didn't even question putting him here, he's our country's root when it comes to idol producers
When I saw their first albums and that he was part of the composition I got so shocked back then!
after that a lot of idol producers appeared but GD is the original 
I don't even need to say anything about his songs
His lyrics are fun and he has sense in it, everything he makes is interesting

2.Yong Junhyung

all of Beast songs are good..
he's really good at composing and writing lyrics and he did a lot of producing too, and you can really see his effort along the way
Yong Junhyung is also one of the idols who appeared after GD became a compositor-dol
It feels like Junhyung is following the path of GD

3. Zico

He really makes good upbeat songs!! But the sad part is that his popular songs always feels a bit lacking..?
Zico is by nature a hiphop person(?) so he makes Hiphop songs with BlockB and he has a lot of upbeat songs as a result with the aura of loosing one's mind so it's a bit limited
but he really makes good hip hop music when it comes to his solos
he writes good lyrics too...b

4.Jung Yonghwa

I really like CNBlue's music so I wonder what they're doing nowadays ㅠㅠ
He makes good songs, but he always gets into plagiarism issues, 

anyways I hope he continues to make good songs

5.Jung Ilhoon

I wasn't sure whether to put in in #5
because his songs are so my style
he writes good lyrics and his songs are good too
his lyrics have sense too
BTOB's songs are all good but I feel like other people don't understand their concept so it's a shameㅠㅠ

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ㅇ |2015.07.28 23:38 
wow thank you so much for Iljoon!!! Among BTOB, Hyunsik is really good too : ) and please people, stop questioning about IlhoonㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜI know people still don't know much about him but he's really good!!!!!!ㅜㅜI acknowledge the 4 others☆

애기지용이 |2015.07.28 23:17 
Thanks for Jiyong!!

ㅇ |2015.07.29 00:38 
I thought Jinyoung would be there☆ he started writing lyrics and composing for Solo day

ㅇㅇ |2015.07.29 00:38 
Jinyoung also started composing/writing lyrics ever since "Baby I'm sorry" and even this time, he's producing the album. this picture is not that recent but still
(t/n: composition/solo/arrangement Jinyoung is #6 when it comes to producing songs) 
ㅇㅇ |2015.07.28 23:48 
Thanks for putting up Jiyong, seriously if you listen to If you alone when it rains, you'll get so sadㅠㅠ

ㅇㅇ |2015.07.29 00:44 
B1A4 Jinyoung too

큡 |2015.07.28 23:45 
Junhyung and Ilhoon really write good lyrics, their songs are good too~ Hyunsik too


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