Monday, July 27, 2015

[twenties stories] 19+ WOW SERIOUSLY GUYS' THIGHS ARE THE BEST...

seriously, thighs and shoulders are really the holy set...ㅠI had a heart attack ㅠ
I just saw a guy with firm thighs, and bronzy and shinny skin
even his forearms were freaking awesome
daebak ㅠㅠ I want to try to touch itㅠㅠ if I could date someone like that how happy will I be ㅠㅠ...
even his butt was firm, just looking at him you could see that he was firm and strongㅠㅠ

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워 |2015.07.21 08:26 
ㅇㅇthis is the real deal, men with thick and strong thighs and wide shoulders are good-good. I can't feel the manliness form the anchovy-like guys 

|2015.07.20 23:48 
who are those f*ckers pressing the downvote button? press the upvote button! guys' thighs are masterpieces, the other body parts can always grow. I don't know how important is to exercise your lower body but the anchovies only concentrate on their deltoids/pectorals, however your lower body is the part where testosterone secretes the most from. the men who can't build up their lower body's muscles only work on their upper body and pretend that they are strong. seriously, if you keep you muscle density like that, the difference will become even greater between your upper and lower body. for guys, your lower body's muscles are really important. even from a scientific point of view, thighs are masterpieces, so you should maintain them.

댓글 |2015.07.21 10:55 
girls complain all the time, do they really deserve this?

남자 |2015.07.21 14:04 
guys have to be handsome, tall, have wide shoulders, have muscular thighs, have to be strong and be vigorous, have to have good personality and have to have lots of money? and we only want girls to be pretty
ㅇㅇ |2015.07.21 17:20 
guys definitely need to have strong thighs, large shoulders and a nice back. kids, you can't only have nice thighs


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