Friday, October 23, 2015


that fan was a Chinese fan who owns a fansite for Joshua
if you look at Joshua's aegyo sal on his right eye, it was really swollen
he had a sty in his right eye on that day and that made the fan burst out of anger

at first, the fansite owner didn't apologize

later, she posted an apology and quit the fandom


source: here

hul wth
if your sty is that big, you need to go to the hospital.. !
ah seriously, how kind is our Jisoo...
goosebumps, it looks like she's dealing idols like a commodity... If my bias received this kind of treatment, I won't stay still...
look at this person's mentality, she must be thinking, I can do anything with money, I can clean this mess with my money
seriously what is she doing... he's a human being too...... Seriously reading this article, I see how much he wants to see his fans even with a sty in his eye... damn ... I watched the video ...I can't understand why she's doing this... I don't think that any person merit being treated like this...
look at all the members being taken aback... I thought it was a funny post so I clicked on it but what is this... the atmosphere looks so tense even for the fans...
I can't understand the fact that she thinks Jisoo as this type of person. I can't even understand myself sometimes, how can she so confidently talk for him like that...
hul... she must have mental issues
It's a relief that she's not a fan anymore, how can you treat your bias like that...
Jisoo-yah please forget everything about thisㅠㅠㅠㅠjust know that it's a big world and there's lots of weird people...please don't get hurt..
Seriously with that much money, she should go to the psychologist and get checked. she looks mentally ill.. I can't understand what kind of thought passed through her head to act like this but she embarrassed all the other fans


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