Tuesday, November 24, 2015


(T/N: there's more picture and the actual videos of the lives on the original link ^^)

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  • a325****
    Day6's songs are seriously goodㅠㅠㅠ I found them randomly but they're so good
    2015.11.25 오후 12:06 모바일에서 작성 | 신고136 4
  • siea****
    wow!!!!! so proudㅠㅠㅠeven though they never went on music showsㅋㅋplease release their next songs on music showsㅋㅋㅋpeople really want you guys to gain more recognitionㅋㅋㅋ
    2015.11.25 오후 12:06 모바일에서 작성 | 신고118 5
  • soo_****
    I listen to all their songs well!!!!
    2015.11.25 오후 12:06 모바일에서 작성 | 신고111 4
  • yeou****
    Day6 are talented~let's hit big~♡
    2015.11.25 오후 12:05 모바일에서 작성 | 신고105 4
  • 8868****
    congratulations on your debut song congratulations~~congratulations on your debut song congratulations (t/n: I guess she's making a pun with the beat of the lyrics?^^)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~please make songs forever~~~~~~
    2015.11.25 오후 12:09 모바일에서 작성 | 신고100 4
  • sad2****
    ah I thought that Day6 was just an idol band, but I totally fell for them when I listened to their songㅠㅠ They don't fall behind Hongdae bands (T/n: Hongdae is known to have talented artists performing at evenings ^^ they're generally young people too)!! I'm looking forward next album!!
    2015.11.25 오후 12:20 모바일에서 작성 | 신고39 0
  • cpsl****
    Seriously Day6 doesn't even seems like rookies to me, when I heard congragulation, it really sounds like a popular song, as expected from JYP, they really have lots of treasures, in 30 days, Baek Yerin will release her solo, looking forward
    2015.11.25 오후 12:10 모바일에서 작성 | 신고41 2
  • jiwo****
    I attended their concert and just came back, they were really cool!! They filled the whole 2 hours straight, and it must've been tiring, but they didn't show that they were getting sick of it at all. Their energy is daebak!! They did high touch at the end (t/n: high5s?) when are they planning to release their comeback??!!! I'm already missing you day6 fighting! I wanna keep them for myself, but I also want a lot of people to know them! #let's walk together from now on#
    2015.11.25 오후 12:14 모바일에서 작성 | 신고37 1


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