Wednesday, November 11, 2015

[pannchoa] TWICE OOH AHH COVER! :)

Hello PC-tizens! ^^ we are back with another cover! :D

We were doing Momo and Dahyun so now you guys can finally see both of us ^^
(we don't really look alike for twins haha)

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Thank you guys for always supporting us and our blog and giving us feedbacks >< it means a lot to us!
There are some mistakes here and there but hopefully you guys will like this cover too~

Have a nice day everyone and stay safe! ^^

EDIT:  we made an entry for the OOH AHH contest! 2KSQUAD posted it and you can find our comment if you sort by most recent! >< If you have some time, please give us a like on our comment! ^^ Thank you guys so muchhhh!!

-PC twins admins


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