Monday, January 25, 2016


Since I'm an iKonic, I'll write down the nicknames of Ikon~

Kim Jinhwan: Bbuyo
I don't know what it means..
(t/n: we covered it last time, it comes from 뿌리까지요정 (bburi kkaji yojeong) which literally means "fairy down his roots" ^^)

Song Yunhyeong: Hyah (Hyadi)
when he smiles it looks like he's making the "hyah" sound, so we got his nickname from there

Bobby: Kimbab
Kim Jiwon + Bobby (babi) = Kimbabi abbreviated as Kimbab!

B.I : Ki Mam Bin
B.I's real name is Kim Hanbin but
when you pronounce it, it sounds like Ki Mam Bin, he takes care of the members like a mom (Mam?)
+ he looks like a Japanese quail

Kim Dong Hyuk: Dong Dong-ie
the members have been calling him Dong Dong-ie since a long time ago
Donghyuk's fetus name(?) was Dong Dong-ie
that's how fans show that they take care of Donghyuk like a baby!

Goo Junhoe: Goo June
an easier when to pronounce Goo Junhoe, would be Goo June!
(t/n: Koreans don't really pronounce the "H" after consonants and for the OE sound, they usually just say "E" instead to make it simpler~)

Jung Chanwoo: Jung Chwanoo/ Jung Jjwanoo / Jung Chanoo
during M&M they were pulling up a hidden camera
and when Hanbin called Chanwoo he went "Chwanoo-yah~ Jung Chwanoo~" since then all the members call him like that!!

there are lots of other nicknames too

today is our maknae's birthday~
let's hit the long run slowly

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ㅇㅇ |2016.01.25 17:59 
Myeon-ttoki (bunny) '^' Junmen

ㅇㅅ |2016.01.25 19:07 
Senie, Hoonie, Jonginie ni ni

ㅇㅇ |2016.01.25 17:54 
Seo Eunkwang: Silver light (Eun = silver & Kwang = light)
Lee Minhyuk: Heota (imaginary numbers)
Lee Changsub: voice color gangster/ Cha poo So poo (didn't find what it means :S) / stan attractor fairy 
Im Hyunsik: Im sunbae / Im baby 
Peniel: Chicago roots 
Jung Ilhoon: Michael 
Yook Sungjae = Yook Jal Ddo (Yook sungjae + handsome (jal saengin) + freak (ddorai))

ㅇㅇ |2016.01.25 20:14 
Rapmon: Natnoo (when you type his name too fast, and makes a typo) / pink-mon / destruction-mon / etc
Jin:  it-jin (no meaning :/) / dwaejin (pig + jin) / car door man /  pink princess / shoulder gangster / senpai  
Suga: Min Suga / Yoong gi / Min Monarch / Sub-energy (because he has no energy) 
Jhope: Hobie / J-horse / Hope (in Korean)
Jimin: Jimnie / Chimchim /  Mang gae ddeok (type of rice cake, fans gave him the name b/c his "squishy?")
V: Taetae / Taebong 
Jungkook :  Jun Seagull / golden maknae / Kkookie / Kookie 

ㅇㅇ |2016.01.25 20:05 
Xiumin-Baozi, muggle king  
Suho-Ex-Jael-Oot (Exo's funniest), Junmen 
Lay-Xing Xing-ie, Unicorn
Chen- Kim kind, Chencing machine (from dancing machine) 
Baekhyun-Baekyung, puppy 
Chanyeol- Teeth rich, happy virus 
D.O- Almong-kyung (comes from 알다가도모르는경수, even if you know him, you don't know Kyungsoo), S-jael-ye (comes from 스엠재일예뻐, SM's prettiest)
Kai- Nini, Mong gu's dad 
Sehun-Hoonie, Ohsen


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