Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Yeo Jingoo who's gonna become an adult in 2016

The actor born in 1997 has been more than 12 years in the industry and has made a great impression within the public. He was able to portray different characters notably in 'The Moon Embraces the Sun' and 'Hwai' (T/N: PLEASE WATCH HWAIIIII)

Kim Yoojung, a top star who's famous for growing up beautifully in front of the public eye

Im Soojung, Song Hyegyo, Han Hyojoo, Han Gain, Kim Haneul, they have all worked with her. She first started in a CF in 2003 and has a bright career ahead of her.

Kim Sohyun, she's no "little Son Yejin" anymore

She is the same age as Kim Yoojung and both of them are the most successful child actresses. She first debuted in "Cheonseol Gohyang" in 2008 and has won several Daesang in 2015, her career has been insane.

Kim Saeron, acting genius with high expectations for 2016

Kim Saeron who was most known for playing in 'Ahjussi'. Since then, she earn the tag of "acting genius" and received high praises from her big sunbaes. Some of them even said that she had the same acting skills as adults.

Kim Hyanggi, perfect representation of actress with her own individuality

The 16 years old Kim Hyanggi made her name known with 'Snowy Road'. Km Hyanggi showed her individuality and made everyone realize how strong of an actress she was.

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