Wednesday, January 6, 2016


일관성 없는 男女 연예인 행동 1
Kim Soohyun eating a pudding for his commercial

일관성 없는 男女 연예인 행동 2
when the cameras are off

일관성 없는 男女 연예인 행동 3
his expression when the cameras are running

일관성 없는 男女 연예인 행동 4
when there's no camera

일관성 없는 男女 연예인 행동 5
IU when she's filming

일관성 없는 男女 연예인 행동 6
when she's done filming

VIXX Leo on stage

at fansigns

when Park Jisung takes a photo with a woman

with a man

when Zico looks at you furiously

when he smiles

when Yoo Jaesuk eats tangsuyuk

when it's for a commercial

Kai saying that coffee tastes like poison

when he shots a CM

D.O who doesn't eat popcorn when watching movies

CM: "without popcorn, I can't watch movies, what about you?"

Choo Sunghoon who's letting a fan win

but he's competitive

Jo Insung signing for a female fan

vs male fan: what's your name?

when L is L

when Kim Jongkook does the bbebbero game

when he's with Ha  Yeonseo

So Jisub

Taemin pretending to eat

Hyorin with male fans

giving an autograph

vs female fans, feeling so good


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