Wednesday, January 20, 2016

[teen stories] WOULD YOU RATHER

(t/n: we translated the title below instead because it was too long to put in the title box^^)

would you rather live with Kang Dong Won your entire life
not have periods your entire life?

which one is more painful...?

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ㅇ |2016.01.20 16:01 
I can live with Kang Dong won my whole life, why would it be a pain.. Right, it'll be a pain for Kang Dong won

ㅇ |2016.01.20 17:20 
why did Kang Dong won leave such a big scar on our nation.......

ㅇㅇ |2016.01.20 17:22 
of course, I would rather stop my periods. just think about your jealousy towards men

ㅇㅇ |2016.01.20 21:17 
Think about when you start living with Kang Dong Won.the internet will be all jealous when I will have wedding rumors╋shocking╋malicious comments begin. If I announce my wedding publicly, the fans will all attack me. If I have a private wedding, they'll swear at me for being a coward to take such extent for that. Everything about my clothes and wedding dress prices will be revealed. If I look just a bit luxurious, people will always blame the woman. If I look pretty, people are going to swear at me for being a plastic monster and blame me for fixing my whole face, they'll dig all my past photos, like graduation pictures and compare like a detective club. Even though I'm natural, they're still going to turn me into a plastic monster. If I'm ugly on the other side, they'll comment about how it's a shame for Kang Dong Won and blame him for having poor taste, they'll zoom in my stomach fat and ridicule my physics. People that I don't even know will pretend to be my acquaintances and say how my personalities are bad, they'll make up facts like me being iljin and other stuff that never happened. There would be full of articles about my family and my outings. Once articles will be out, they will diss me for pretending to be a celebrity. If I try to clarify, they'll blame me of basking in the glory. When I'll give birth, people will all analyze the looks of my baby. We'll have to do broadcast with the kids and turn our kids into business products. If we don't, they'll accuse me of being ugly so I'll have to fix myself (to show on broadcast). At the end, I'll have a couple fight with Kang Dong Won and it'll be even worse if he has a conservative mind. And if we fight, the whole Korea will say that it's my fault.

무 |2016.01.20 18:16 
but will Kang Dong Won even allow me to live with him?......


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