Thursday, March 10, 2016


the hyung is in Fantagio the dongsaeng is in SM

he's in Fantagio's actor group 5urprise's Gongmyung
real name; Kim Donghyun 23 years old

SM trainee rumored to debut soon

Doyoung 21 years old

source: here

1. Gongmyung kinda looks like Park Seojun... Aways the brothers look warm

2. hul I didn't know Gongmyung had a dongsaeng, kinda fascinating

3. ohhh they're really handsome daebak

4. I never thought that they would be brothers... but put together like that they kinda look alike

5. the hyung kinda has the Suho feels, he looks warm

6. if I didn't know I'd thought that he(Gongmyung) would be Suho's hyung

7. Doyoung-ah let's debut

8. The hyung has the actor feel while the dongsaeng has the singer feel!! I hope to see them come out together.. When is NCT going to debut!!


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