Wednesday, April 6, 2016


T/N: for those who don't know everyone below ended up dating

Shin Sekyung saying that her ideal type is Shinee Jonghyun

T-ARA Soyen saying that she successfully joined Oh Jonghyuk's fanclub and that she supports him and watched all his broadcasts.

Lee Seunggi always mentioning Yoona as his ideal type

Before Jung Kyungho and Sooyoung's dating news, Jung Kyungho said that SNSD were the people that gave him the most strength in the army and he thanked Sooyoung.

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1. wow... I'm jealous....

2. So envious, they get to date their ideal types...

3. wow, I'm so jealous, they get to directly hang out with the person of their dreams...

4. Who's Joonmyeon's ideal type? *boiling boiling* (T/N: commentor is a Suho fan)

5. If you see it like this, it's pretty interesting

6. Jonghyun dated Shin Sekyung????
> yep, I remember them dating during his Hello promotions

7. My ideal type is Yoo Yeonsuk, I guess that I have no chance.... 8ㅅ8
> Jisoo for me!

8. They are so honest on broadcastㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋbut that's pretty interesting, me too I wanna date

9. Yoongi-yah, you know what to do right? *wink wink*
> Yoongi: No.
> Park Yoongi (45 y.o farmer): ohohoho I know, I know


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