Friday, May 13, 2016


he appeared for a brief moment on Weekly idol
his name is Park Hyunsoo manager
Namjoo and Apink called him the "distant relative of Lee Jaehoon(t/n: best approximate translation we can get :S)" on Happy together
he's handsome and he has good personalities so he's becoming a hot issue again

(t/n: you can look at the original link since we can't copy the content there are more gifs ^^)

Even though Apink call him the "distant relative of Lee Jaehoon"
there are more people saying he looks like Park Haejin or Ahn Jaehyun
there are even Chinese fans of Park Hyunsoo manager

here's a i-fan who took a picture with our manager nim

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1. doesn't look like Lee Jaehoon but he's hot

2. wow handsome

3. distant relative of relative of relative of relative

4. he looks more like Park Haejin

5. handsomeㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

6. hul he's seriously more handsome than Lee Jaehoon for me, so my type....

7. wow daebak handsome

8. he kinda has the Woohyun feel..

9. I don't know Lee Jaehoon but he looks like Park Seojoon!!><

10. Ahn Jaehyun + Park Seojoon feels


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