Friday, May 13, 2016


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1. scary....

2. whose manager is this?

3. unless that fan wanted to spray acid on their faces, that's problematic...

4. ah but that guy with the padding coat just came out like nothingㅋㅋㅋ
 > I think that he was already done beating her so he didn't see anything while coming out
 > The guy wearing the hood was being dragged by the fan, that's why the manager hit her

5. hul... That's so shocking what the hell...

6. hul why is the member laughing at her?
 > because he got dragged and almost fell so he laughed

7. hul... scary

8. that's why I hate sasaengs

9. isn't he hitting her too hard...

10. that fan seemed like she was grabbing that CNblue member by his head?

11. why is the guy laughing?
 > you couldn't see well because of the manager beating in front, but he almost fell so he laughed because he got embarrassed
 > the member got dragged by his head and hoodie by the fan so he almost fell down, since the manager hid him you couldn't see well!


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