Tuesday, May 3, 2016


b2st Jang Hyungseung

since he had a controversy, he finally decided to quit
now he's been put into solo activities

April Somi

because she wanted to dedicate herself in studies she quit
now she returned to student's life

SNSD Jessica

because she wanted to be a designer, she left the group
she's now preparing her solo debut

FX Sulli

she always wanted to debut as an actress
now she's active on SNS, she also constantly posts stuff about her and Choiza
she's following her fans

EXO-M Luhan, Kris, Tao

they're all promoting in China

since he's still in the process of clearing off his lawsuit he's debuting in China
Kara Nicole, Kang Jiyoung

pictorials, variety shows and movies in Japan
preparing her solo debut

promoting in Korea and overseas at the same time

Mblaq Lee Jun, Park Sanghyun

debuting as actor Park Sanghyun

he already debuted as an actor before debuting as an idol
he's promoting "the guest" and "vampire detective" right now

Dalshabet Jiyool, Ga-eun

(not sure what they became)

TOPDOGG Kido, Gohn, Seogoong

Gohn left due to army service

Seogoong is promoting as a musical actor

Hello Venus Ara and Yoonjo

Ara is promoting as an actress

Apink Hong Yookyung

2PM Jay Park


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