Tuesday, May 3, 2016


KBS reported that unopened fan letters were found laying on the ground near their dorm
they came back recently with Pretty U and received a lot of love for this comeback
however fans felt betrayed when they read those news about their fan letters

their first week's sales already skyrocketed beyond predictions
and were also part of the rising stars
their fans are all around 10s~20s years old

according to the witness he/she found these last end of the year
next to Seventeen's dorms with other fan gifts thrown on the floor like garbage

fans called a Pledis representative was also contacted and he/she responded that "I've never heard of an incident like that. The member never threw away their fan gifts and letters before"

other people said that it could've been the maid cleaning their dorms and threw these away by accident

regardless of the cause, the fans were still sad about it and warned them to be careful with such incidents in the future and not let it happen again. They also requested Seventeen to apologize

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1. the fans called their agencies for clarifications and they said they haven't heard of any news like these... I'm pretty sure their company is taking care of this now

2. this journalist is always up-to-date with his news~~~ (t/n: being sarcastic)

3.ㅜㅜㅜㅜ I really started liking them recently... I was telling myself not to be a fangirl again but! I love you Seventeen!

4. Seventeen let's hit even more daebak! We support you

5. I heard that the journalist couldn't even contact their agency ㅋㅋI hope the boomerang gets back at him

6. even the content of their article made them look so suspicious... I'm pretty sure KBS has no idea what's happening

7. they didn't even call Pledis.... Anyways I hope Pledis gives us a feedback and fast!

8. hul....

9. those kids would never do something like that... You're going to believe some random people walking by their trash can like this?

10. ey.. Where is the ajumma who found those letters now? Just the way this article is built up is so weird

11. ah I got shocked for a second.. Seventeen is gaining popularity now and a lot of weird rumors are surfacing.. Where are the fans who claimed writing those letters?


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