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I'm a grandpa in my 30s
I'm a man who will give my impression of the idols who seem famous recently

1 Bigbang
Their hit songs are known to everyone
I think that their longevity is the highest in our country alongside with Suju
GD, TOP and Taeyang are quite charming

2 Super junior
They look close to each other and they appear a lot on varieties
The members all have good sense of humor
Kyuhyun who's in charge of Radio star also have good variety factor and I think that he's quite talented too 
Choi Siwon just straight up looks handsome
I know a bit of Kangin from readig the news since he appears a lot in them 
Eunhyuk is a singer who's known for her scandal
I don't know anything from the other members and I don't know any other songs except from Sorry sorry
Ah I know Lee Teuk and Kangin from Strong heart

Since they're popular recently I looked up their songs online
I don't know any of the members
They just all look handsome from their MVs
They have the faces that young girls like

4 2PM
They were really popular when I was in my 20s
They have a few good songs that I still listen to now
They all have good bodies, there was even a time when I asked my trainer to give me Ok Taecyeon's body even though I gave up right after

5 Infinite
I don't know any of the members' faces but their songs are unexpectedly my type so I listen to them sometimes

6 Teentop
I know that they're a group that Shinhwa's Andy built
I don't know any of their faces, but I've listened to Crazy so many times before that I stopped listening to it now since I got tired of the song, I don't know any other songs

7 B2ST
I knew them through seeing Lee Kikwang in High Kick
I really liked Yang Yoseob's solo so I listen to this song a lot
I learned through the news recently that Jang Hyunseung got kicked out
I think they're going to be a long-run group like Bigbang and Suju

8 Seventeen
They're always mentioned on PANN but I have no idea who they are

I've seen their songs a few times on Melon but since their songs aren't my style, I don't know who they are

10 Shinee
I think that each member has a lot of individuality
Their songs also have a lot of individuality

11 GOT7
I don't know their faces but I've listened to their songs a couple times
Personally when they released their first album I went "What?" at first but then got addicted
Even now I think that their first release was the best

12 BlockB
I know them through knowing Zico
As far as I know, they left their agency to go in another one
I only listen to Zico as a soloist 

13 b1a4
I don't know the members' names but there was one who played in God's gift
so I watched his other dramas too
I think they're doing pretty well
I don't know their songs though

12 b2b (t/n: OP wrote it like that)
I don't know anyone in this group except Yook Sungjae
There's a pub that I frequent where I've seen Sungjae in person a few times and he's quite handsome
I remember that he's the type who drinks quietly then leave after

13 Winner
I knew them from watching Kang Seungyoon on Yoo Heeyeol's sketchbook
I know that they're from YG and I've listened to some of their songs
I don't get any distinctive image from them

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ㅇㅇ |2016.06.25 19:14 신고하기
Am I the only one who think that he's genuinely a guy in his 30's giving his subjective opinion? Are Seventeen and BTS fans really that delusional with their groups? You expect someone who doesn't have interest in idols to know about Seventeen, Bangtan and EXO but there are only idol fans who would know about them. The reality is that most people don't know the name of every single members, needless to say that it applies to rookie groups like Seventeen too. I think that it's just an exception that he only knows about GOT7's songs. But to speak for the general public, people don't know anyone except from Jackson

ㅇㅇ |2016.06.25 11:23 신고하기
Thank you for listening to their songs on Melon~~^-

ㅇㅇ |2016.06.25 11:55 신고하기
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋWhat the f*ck it's so obvious that it was written by a fanㅋㅋㅋgranpa in his 30s my a*s

ㅇㅇ |2016.06.25 22:09 신고하기
My husband is in his 30s and he can relate to everything written in this post;; The post is not even trying to bash on anyone, I'm so speechless looking at some of the comments even though I don't know whose fan you are of. Do you think that everyone are entitled to know your bias? Even EXO who have an overwhelming fame lately are nugus to a lot of people in their 30s. Your bias is only successful in your own mind

ㅇㅇ |2016.06.25 22:04 신고하기
I'm 22 years old and even I don't know anything about Bangtan and Seventeen. If we're going to talk about men, they even know less than us, they only hear about hit songs or groups who have already been established and are well known to the general public like Bigbang and Shinee

ㅇㅇ |2016.06.25 23:21 신고하기
I'm shocked looking at the downvotes of the article... Why are you guys downvoting?? Are you downvoting because your bias is irrelevant?

1111 |2016.06.25 23:05 신고하기
What's up with the downvotesㅋㅋAs expected from delusional fangirls who can't take the fact that he said something so so about their oppas

ㅇㅇ |2016.06.25 16:39 신고하기
It's a bullsh*t that he's a 30 years old granpaㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋF*ck it's so obvious that you're a teen


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