Wednesday, June 29, 2016


T/N: ok, as you all know, we pretty much try to plug everything related to SMTM if it trends.

We watched SMTM3 (with Olltii and Cjamm) and got to know Iron. If you didn't watch SMTM3, Iron is a super free spirited rapper (likes reggae, dresses like a hobo, etc.). He was actually one of our favorite contestant. Not so long ago, he got caught in a marijuana scandal. AND THAT DUDE IS ALREADY BACK WITH AN MV LIKE WHUT!!!??? :O

Please watch the MV, it's insane and it basically left us speechless D:  (the song's pretty good though)

Translated lyrics:

CR:HAEUN_zzing (might be incomplete :S)

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1. [+184/-25]
The lyrics are so explicit..

2. [+244/-44]
That was so unfortunate... He could've done well...

3. [+110/-17]
What about his marijuana scandal??

4. [+169/-42] 
Hunchul-ah (Iron's real name)... I'm a fan who supports you and was happy about your new song but my feeling of disappointment has still not vanished yet... The general public has a bad image of you and of course I want to protect you but I can't help itㅠㅠ I guess I'll just watch

5. [+70/-14]
The people who are saying that this is the real hiphop and who are praising him, do you find it cool that someone just broke the law?;

6. [+47/-8]
As expected, once a druggie, always a druggie.


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