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t/n: we will only explain the ones that aren't obvious ^^ we'll skip some of the ex) ones since we're not sure if it'll interest you guys to read that much Korean slangs ^^; if you want to know them, tell us which ones you want in the comment section~

1. ㅋㅋㅋ
2. danggeun-iji = same meaning as "of course" which is normally written "dangyeon-haji"
3. GG = used in Starcraft (good game) it's the same meaning as to surrender

1. Bizarre (yeopgi) = to describe an over the top behavior (it's the same "yeopgi" as the "bizarre and horror section of PANN^^)
2. Daebak
3. Ha-i = the same as saying Hi in English but pronounced in Korean

others: Gang-twae = to be banned,
Good night dream of me,
Hairu = another form of "Ha-i)

1. jak-eob = literary translated it means working at a job/job but the slang means the process of getting closer with someone of the opposite sex/interest. It first appeared in a sitcom called "New friend"
2. ㅇㅇ=ok ,ㅊㅋ=congrats,ㅇㅇ=Yes yes,ㄱㄱ=gogo
3. Hul

4. Heojeob = literary means sloppy/crappy/lousy but as a slang means something fake/cheaply made
Heokeok = something you say out of embarrassment
Seonsu = literary means an athlete but the slang means "to be a player"
Aeja = pronoun used ridicule a disable person ish
Oba = extra

1. Jeul = whatever
2. Choding
3. Hanteok Sswa = "it's on me"/ I'll pay popularized by Yang Donggeun

others: ulzzang

1.Bwelk: started with Moon Heejun's lyrics in one of his songs and people used this word to ridicule him, used when you want to ridicule someone but don't know what to say
2. Momzzang = same meaning as ulzzang but applied on the body
3. Hanteok Sswa (again but different meaning as 2002) = Started in Starcraft you say it to someone annoying on the internet to make them shut up

1. Otaku
2. Bbasuni = fangirl, first started with TVXQ fans
3. prohibition of frustration & OTL = used when you're so frustrated that you can't say anything

1. Ganji = baddass/cool & fashionble person
2. Raise your guard/ Shing-ha hyung/ Hyung arrived = popularized by Shingha hyung (not sure what it means)
3. Anseub = short form for "my eyeballs are moist" you say it when you feel sad or when you want to cry

1. bean paste girl = equivalent of gold digger/or someone who is materialistic
2. Hoonnam = hot guy
3. Wanso = short form for "valuable/worth it

1. jjeoleo = awesome/cool/amazing
2. Yokshim-jaengie =greedy brat, Ooohoothoot = like Ohoho
3. Wooangㅋgoodㅋ = talking like a manhwa but literally means Wow it's good

1. Honey thighs
2. Ogeul = curl up fingers in awkwardness/cheesiness
3. Mwongmi = what?

1. Olle = Ole!
2. Bbang-ggu-Ddong-ggu = refer to something you hate
3. Looser

1. Le-al = Real/really?
2. Chadonam = cold city guy popularized in Secret garden, Chadonyeo = same for girls, Ggadonam = drained out city guy, Ggagonyeo = same for girls
3. Mental = mentality

1. Chinese character that means "the best"
2. Jja-eung = jjang
3. Did you see XXX? = popularized by Jung Hyungdon

others: Hunghaera = hit big.blow up
Hunhan XXX = something common/ordinary/plain
ASKY = I don't feel it/ I don't see it
Can I peel the corn? (don't know what this one means :S)

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ㅋㅋ |2016.06.29 21:09 신고하기
Bwelk was used to ridicule Moon Heejun?ㅋㅋㅋㅌㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I would've never imagined

ㅇㅇ |2016.06.29 21:34 신고하기
2015 would be nodab (hopeless) and XX doing that part and for 2006 it would be "personalities" (insung);;

ㅇ |2016.06.29 22:39 신고하기
2013~4 would be "I won't tell you~ㅋ" and ""Olㅋ" 2015 would be "Yeah your face" and "Yeah your mother" 2016 would be "It's too XX" "Ang Kimochi" and "This is real/this is the truth" 

ㅇㅇ |2016.06.29 22:31 신고하기
2015's most famous one was "Your mother?" it was made my a trash person I don't know why it's so popular, plus it's talking about your parentsㅠ;;

ㅇㅇ |2016.06.30 01:13 신고하기
I didn't know that Bwelk was used against Moon Heejun ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 2015 and 2016's slangs are so bad ㅠㅠ Why is "Kimochi" a trendy word? Who started this?

ㅇㅇㅇ |2016.06.29 22:46 신고하기
?? I didn't know that Bbasuni started with TVXQ..ㅋㅋㅋ during 2000, I used to like Shinhwa and when people called me "bbasuni" I didn't even know what it meantㅋㅋㅋ


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