Thursday, July 21, 2016


Article talks about how there's a ratings war between the 2 dramas right now. Their highest ratings are 1.6% apart from each other (with Uncontrollably fond leading)

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1. [+3159, -104]
There was a time when actors were the ones who decided the fate of viewer ratings but not anymore. Now people will decide to watch a drama only on the basis of how fun it is

2. [+3355, -179]
W shouldn't be worried on their ratings, it's so refreshing and fun

3. [+2862, -212]
When he/she said "What the hell are you?" I got so much goosebumps this drama is freaking fun ㄷㄷㄷㄷ Seriously an hour went so fast.. The crazy drama of the season is definitely W

4. [+2414, -199]
Next week, the tables will turn for sure!!

5. [+2127, -166]
W is seriously fun ㄷㄷ

6. [+628, -59]
W is so refreshing, they have a story line that has never been used before so I'm more attracted to it. Uncontrollably fond is kinda cliche and didn't meet my expectations... W will be the winner

7. [+590, -61]
All the dramas that Lee Jongsuk plays in are fun... He really has eyes to choose his work~

8. [+530, -47]
Nowadays I don't care whether you're a top star or not... I'll watch only for the plot

9. [+526, -71]
By next week, W will win the heart of the general public!!! I'll wait until next week~!

10. [+444, -49]
I really wonder what is the true plot of W so it's freaking fun ㄷㄷㄷAnd it's freaking goosebumps inducing... It's so obvious that W was throughoutly thought out. Song Jaejong writer's dialogues are all excellent. And Jung Daeyoon director's sense is witty and cool. The actors are of course daebak too, they fit their characters


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