Tuesday, July 26, 2016


article talks about how both group became the new summer girl groups

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1. [+3379, -102]
The song that WG put up this time wasn't given by JYP but the members all composed and produced it so the album has even more meaning behind it. I want to congratulate them for doing so great with their new album, it makes me feel so happy

2. [+2709, -105]
WG fighting, I seriously didn't expect them to win #1 with their self-composed song, but they're seriously cool

3. [+2597. -99]
It's been quite some times that WG released their new song and they're still at the first place, this year is JYP's year ㅋㅋ

4. [+1539, -117]
I don't even care about people calling WG "Restored girls". They suit this kind of music so well

5. [+1517, -160]
The similar point is that both have good songs!!!

6. [+422, -35]
Amazing that WG are still #1 right now

7. [+381, -34]
WG are so amazing to have directly produced and composed the song and even recorded everything as a band!! The song is seriously good

8. [+380, -37]
Wonder girls are still #1 on Melon right now and they've been there for quite a while now wow wow that's the dignity of a 10 years old girls group...

9. [+380, -39]
The retro queens are WG as expected

10. [+335, -32]
Amazing that WG are still #1 on iChart. Their song is seriously good


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