Thursday, August 18, 2016


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1. [+1663, -252]
Wow the song is seriously so good, Teddy is so good at making songs, I really hope she succeeds. CL is always cool

2. [+1655, -285]
Since this album is meant to be an US debut album, I think that this song will be release in Korean's digital charts later. Since you can listen to it on Youtube, please go there and have a listen. The song is crazy.  She has a strong image, but the song has a "I don't care" vibe to it.

3. [+1482, -268]
Teddy god's songs don't really fit Korean's market. I think that if Teddy went to the US to produce songs, he'll hit way bigger. He'll make a fortune off CL

4. [+1122, -191]
Hit big! I still haven't heard CL's song, but hit big!

5. [+991, -159]
Fighting!!! Hit big!

6. [+329, -39]
Yang CEO only opens his treasure chest once in a while in the whole year.

7. [+292, -31]
She never appears on broadcast, but she's always performing, making songs and piling up her personal connections. She worked so hard to prepare this... I wish her success

8. [+262, -36]
Teddy's skills will never die, Teddy godㅠㅠ

9. [+234, -30]
This song is so different from Hello b*ches, I prefer this direction, she really chose a good song and it feels more American too..I wish her to succeed ^^

10. [+242, -36]
Freaking crazy ㅠㅜLee Chaerinㅠㅜ Since it's an American single, it'll be released in Korean's digital sites later, but go watch it on Youtube!!!


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