Friday, August 26, 2016


"Hello, this is Tiffany.On top of making such a big mistake, I was unable to muster the courage to give a sincere apology for 10 days after I wrote you all, who I've disappointed and hurt, a lacking apology letter.Firstly, I ask for your forgiveness for being late with a fearful and trembling heart. I'll do my best to deliver a sincere apology to you and what I should've given earlier on the day I made a big mistake.On the National Liberation Day of Korea, I made the mistake of posting a design that included the Rising Sun Flag to social media. I've made a mistake that should not have been made when thinking of the meaning of Independence Day.As many people have already warned me, I was not knowledgeable about the history of the Rising Sun Flag, and I was not sensitive to the history of that pain. I'm very sorry for breaking your hearts due to my horribleness and carelessness. I bow my head in apology to those who believed in me and cheered me on.I've been able to do music because of your unchanging support and love until now, which I'm thankful for. However, despite being loved by you all for so long, I did not know basic Korean history well. I'm very embarrassed that I did not study in more detail.Though I've always been thankful and felt pride as a singer who spreads Korean culture, I've once again realized how much more I need to feel responsibility and study. I won't forget that responsibility as someone in the public eye.I once again would like to extend my apologetic heart for causing concern on Independence Day because of the mistake I made. After realizing my mistake, the quick apology I wrote at the airport was not careful, and I apologize again for how lacking it was. I've spent each day regretting and feeling sorry for losing the chance to give a sincere apology. It's late, but I earnestly hope my sincerity is delivered.This incident has let me know what's most important. I'll do my best to study and learn the things that are more important than singing and dancing from now on.Thank you very much for reading my long, late letter."

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1. [+7498, -301]
To not know something can become a crime nowadays. I hope she can study history a bit harder from now

2. [+6912, -312]
I think that she asked someone's help to write the post seeing its content. She could at least write her post by hand, but instead she typed it, I wonder what were her intentions
 > But she wrote it with a pen on IG

3. [+5347, -205]
Each country has their own sensitive issues. There's a saying that says "When in Rome, do as Romans do." SM should really give them history lessons

4. [+4913, -208]
Please I really hope you're reflecting over this. It's common courtesy to at least know a country's etiquette if you're going to come here and work

5. [+2929, -158]
The comfort women are still battling for their rights right now

6. [+1108, -68]
I wonder who's the dog who created the emoticon

7. [+1048, -69]
Whether you want it or not, if you go overseas people will think of you as Korean, so please behave accordingly

8. [+1119, -106]
I hope you will take this opportunity to reflect and not forget  about this issue even when it'll be over. This could've become even a bigger issue, please be careful with your actions next time

9. [+1035, -87]
I think that it's good of her to re-write her apology. This is a big issue, so please reflect

10. [+924, -67]
Th company is also at fault, they send them for a Japanese concert on the day of the National liberation day.. sigh


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